Tim and Julie Harris lead the charge for having proper etiquette in business and in life. Lead the way by setting the example.

34.  Take at least 30 minutes to half a day before reacting to a snarky email, text or post.

35.  Reach out to someone who is grieving even if it makes you uncomfortable.

36.  Thank veterans for their service.

37.  Don’t groom yourself in public.  Brushing hair, picking teeth, picking toenails.  This is not your basement during lockdown.

38.  When you enter a room, sit at a table, enter an event, greet everyone, not just the host.

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39.  Return calls, even if they sound crazy or weird. 

40.  Don’t let your current mood dictate your manners.  Think about someone other than yourself 🙂

41.  Use your manners even if you’re surrounded by heathens.  Set the example.

42.  Make the statement of your vaccine status but lose the judgement. (From Lizzie Post):  “It’s okay to tell people that you’re fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or not vaccinated at all. It’s vital information that churches, restaurants, and wedding venues in many states can require for entrance. It’s a matter of safety, and inquiring about it should not be considered rude. But if you’re the one asking, first reflect on why you need to know. The key to handling these conversations politely is for both sides to drop the judgment. If you’re fully vaccinated, you might wish that every other adult were as well; unfortunately, that’s not under your control. You may be unvaccinated and wish that it just didn’t matter to other people, but the reality is that it can have life-and-death stakes, especially if a person is caring for or living with someone who cannot get vaccinated or is immunocompromised. Accepting someone else’s status, and then modifying your behavior around it, is the polite thing to do. Clear communication in response is crucial. You can say, “I’m going to keep my mask on and keep a distance, since I’m not vaccinated,” or, “Thanks for asking. I’m still not hugging yet, but I’m so happy to see you!””

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