Gift your second-homeowner clients with a to-do tip list for their primary home before they leave to ski/surf or whatever at their second home.

Second Homeownership Exploded During Pandemic

You probably have more second-homeowner clients now than you had pre-pandemic.  Why?  Many former primary-homeowner clients became second-homeowner clients in order to get out of the city to escape the anxiety and uncertainty of the pandemic.  (If you didn’t, didn’t you want to?)

Help your now second-homeowner clients by gifting them a to-do tip list about what they can do before leaving to make sure their primary home remains intact while they’re off to their second home for some weeks or months.

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Second-Homeowner To-Do Tip List

Add your own tips; delete irrelevant ones.  Personalize this tip list to your market area and for your clients.  Make this Second-Homeowner To-Do Tip List your gift to your second-homeowner clients…they’ll appreciate the list and you for gifting it to them.

  1. Clean out the refrigerator.  Toss or bring along the things that won’t last.  Clean with soap and water the refrigerator’s inner shelves.
  2. Take out the trash.
  3. Set light timers to give the house an appearance of activity.
  4. Make sure security cameras and outdoor motion-censor lights work and are well-positioned at access points. Replace old batteries with new ones.
  5. Turn off water main if going away for more than one week.
  6. Schedule periodic lawn/landscape/snow maintenance. Make sure any sensitive plants are covered/moved indoors.  Trim trees to prevent storm/wind damage.
  7. Empty/detach hoses to help prevent frozen pipes.
  8. Set water heater to low or vacation level.
  9. Set thermostats to about 60 degrees. Program/schedule smart thermostats in advance.
  10. Unplug appliances and electricals.
  11. Close chimney flues.
  12. Disconnect car batteries if gone for several months.
  13. Plan for and establish pet care. Leave detailed instructions and schedules.
  14. Contact doctors/vets in second city.
  15. Connect with tax professional/accountant about which home/location offers most friendly tax realities.
  16. Set up mail holding/forwarding schedule and delivery alerts.
  17. Convert to e-bills if not already receiving them.
  18. Shut and lock all windows/doors.
  19. Choose one neighbor as a contact person in case of emergency. The whole neighborhood doesn’t need to know your clients “gone.”
  20. Encourage second-homeowner clients to create their own master checklist to do-to’s so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel the next time they “escape.”.

Thanks to Lillian Dickerson and Inman.



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