The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 have fueled US buyers’ fantasies about vacation, retirement and/or investment properties in the Americas.  Check out the favorites of prospective US buyers.

Prospective US Buyers Looking Hard at Properties in North, South and Central America

Point 2, a Canadian company focusing on property trends, has published three reports, one completed every three years in 2015, 2018 and 2021, that examined real estate-related words and phrases used in internet searches in the US to determine the popularity of destinations in the Americas.

Point 2’s most current report and destinations rankings leveraged data up to and ending September 10, 2021.

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Some Preference Shifts Over Time but Mostly Steady interest

Mexico has been the most searched destination in both 2021 and 2018, up from 4th in 2015.  This preference for Mexico makes sense due to the country’s warm climate, low cost of living and proximity to the US.  However, US buyers need to know that nearly all property sales are transacted in cash.  Also, there are some restrictions on foreign buyers if they want properties near the country’s coasts or borders.

Canada’s ranking rose from 7th in 2015 to 2nd in both 2018 and 2021.  Foreign buyers already face regulations on agricultural or recreational land in some Canadian provinces and more are likely to come.  Recently re-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to ban foreign buyers for two years as a way to cool overheated, pandemic-fueled property prices.  It’s too soon to know whether or not Trudeau will keep that promise now that he’s back in the driver’s seat.

Point 2’s Top 20 Real Estate Destinations in the Americas for Prospective US Buyers

Rank                                              Aver. Monthly Web Searches

  1. Mexico                                         83,000
  2. Canada                                        64,000
  3. Costa Rica                                    47,000
  4. Puerto Rico                                  36,000
  5. Belize                                          26,000
  6. US Virgin Islands                          17,000
  7. Panama                                       15,000
  8. Bahamas                                     15,000
  9. Dominican Republic                      12,000
  10. Honduras                                     11,000
  11. Ecuador                                        8,000
  12. Jamaica                                        6,000
  13. Colombia                                      5,000
  14. Cayman Islands                             5,000
  15. Bermuda                                       4,000
  16. Aruba                                           4,000
  17. Nicaragua                                     3,000
  18. Chile                                             3,000
  19. Barbados                                      3,000
  20. Argentina                                      3,000

Word to the wise:  pay attention to tax implications and climate change impacts when considering these destinations.

Thanks to Point 2 and The New York Times.









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