Calling all bloggers and content originators for your real estate businesses – check out the top takeaways from the eighth annual Orbit Media 2021 Blogging Survey.

 Chief Takeaways from Latest Blogging Survey

Though blogging has essentially escaped all the digital and technological mayhem of the past couple of years, there are some changes that real estate bloggers might consider paying attention to.

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The eighth annual Orbit Media 2021 Blogging Survey was recently released.  Here are some top takeaways:

Blog Writing Process

Bloggers reported to Orbit Media that they now spend approximately four hours creating, researching and writing each blog post.  This four hours per post is roughly double the time spent on each blog post in 2014.

There’s a strong relationship in time spent writing and blog post success.  Those bloggers investing six or more hours per post reported a measurably higher degree of success.

Longer-form blogging content is gaining traction.  Every year, blog posts have become longer.  The average word count in 2021 is now 1,416.

Audiences are hungry for content-rich, well-written blog posts.  The more time bloggers spend planning, researching, writing and rewriting blog posts, the more traffic is driven to your real estate business.

Blog Formatting & Organization

“How-to” articles are currently the most popular format.  Webinars and “round-ups” tie for being the least popular.

However, round-up posts deliver the strongest returns while how-to posts deliver the weakest returns.  What to make of these mixed reviews?  Make sure ALL of your posts, be they how-tos or round-ups, stand out to readers.

Most bloggers report using 2-3 images per post.  BUT, the images have to make sense and be relevant to your readers.

The fundamental point here is to know and understand your audience.

Blog Marketing

There are five main avenues for promoting or marketing your blog – social, search, email, influencers and paid.  Most bloggers use social media BUT blog readers respond to and read the most from influencer collaboration.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), from word count to word choice, does, to some extent, drive search engine ranking, or “how readers will find your blogs.”  Most bloggers use keyword research…if and when they use it.  Consistency is the name of the game here.  Just like having a consistent blogging schedule, doing consistent keyword research tends to pay off nearly twice as much.

Differentiate Your Blog Strategy While Being Authentic & Consistent

Mix up your blogging formats, social media channels, influencers, email promotions, etc.  Repeating even your most important content too many times runs the risk of boredom and, quite simply, just turning off the reader to whatever that “same ole” content is.

Differentiate your blogs with purpose and forethought.  Be on top of real estate trends, real estate coaching skills and strategies, and real estate market data.  According to Orbit Media,blogging with purpose, forethought and up-to-the-moment trends will “…push you across the finish line.”

Thanks to the Orbit Media 2021 Blogging Survey.





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