With international travel restrictions lifted, five US cities are seeing the lion’s share of foreign visitors.  Will foreign visitors choose to buy homes in these cities?

International Travelers Again Welcome in US

The United States was without foreign travelers for approximately 605 days when the Trump administration locked down our borders due to the COVID pandemic.  Now that international travel restrictions have been lifted, foreign visitors are again welcome…and they’re coming in droves.

According to data from Travelport, a global tech company that powers travel bookings worldwide, flight bookings to and withing the US have already hit 70% of pre-pandemic levels.

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Top-Booked US Destinations by International Travelers

The five top-booked destinations in November by foreign visitors were, according toTravelport’s data, New York, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Las Vegas, also busy with foreign visitors, had the most diverse group of travelers with visitors coming from Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Germany and Mexico.

Knowing which foreign visitors are going where in the US may give us some clues as to whether or not foreign investment in the US may come back as quickly as foreign visitors have.

New York

New York City is expected to be the top winter holiday destination in the US, according to several surveys from various travel companies.

Who is going to the Big Apple?  18% of visitors are coming from the United Kingdom, 6% from Canada and 5% from Mexico.


Miami was one of the most popular destinations in the US for Americans during last winter’s lockdowns.  Coming up in December, Miami welcomes Art Basel, a huge international draw.  Expect the city to be crowded.

Who’s going to the Magic City?  Argentina (14%), the UK (10%) and Brazil (8%) are expected to be the top three inbound markets.


Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the park is sizzling with people and activities.

Who’s going to the Magic Kingdom?  UK (46%), Brazil (10%) and Canada (8%).

Los Angeles

The City of Angeles is projecting $1B in tourism revenues for November and December 2021.  Most all of the city’s iconic venues, such as the Hollywood Bowl, are already running at 100% occupancy levels.

Who’s going?  Mexico (15%), Canada (9%) and the UK (8%).

San Francisco

Always a favorite with international travelers, the City By the Bay has and continues to invest heavily in outdoor festivals, murals and al fresco performing arts.  Municipal programs called Slow Streets and Shared Spaces, along with a series of pandemic and kid-friendly pop-ups, are already welcoming hordes of international visitors.

Who’s going?  UK (14%), India (10%) and Mexico (9%).

Thanks to Bloomberg.

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