Real Estate Agents, How To Overcome Fear and Doubt | Real Estate Training (4)

Real Estate Agents are you finally ready to overcome your fear and doubt? Listen to this powerful 20 point real estate training guide now. Hint: When you are in a state of gratitude fear can’t dominate your perceptions and expectations. Today’s show is PART 4.

16 – Tip really well for good service.  Write a little note on the receipt.  “Thanks for taking such good care of us!”

17 – Learn and use people’s names, especially the ones who you deal with regularly.  They will become your advocate, refer business to you and help you when you need it.  Learn the names of your UPS driver, your mail person, your pharmacist, the manager of your grocery store, the school nurse.

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18 – Say yes more than you say no.If you’re always saying no, or seeming too busy, people will eventually stop asking you to participate. This is not a good thing!

19 – Give your duplicate things to people who need them more than you do.  No one needs 5 spatulas, 10 scarves, or 6 flower vases.  Share your abundance with those less fortunate.

20 – Help a neighbor out! Shovel, blow leaves or cut the grass of your neighbor when you do your own.  Get to know your elderly or disabled neighbors and assist them whenever you can.  Even bringing in groceries from their car can make their day much easier.

Scientific research and study show that people who habitually engage in exercises of gratitude, such as the 20 we just suggested, show increased satisfaction with their relationships as well as greater physical and mental health.

These same studies showed that the benefits are also moral, not just physical.  People who practice gratitude regularly view their lives with more optimism and less anxiety, envy and conflict.

Choose which of the 20 acts of gratitude you’ll integrate into your life and start enjoying your life at ever-increasing levels of happiness.  Share your stories with us!

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