10 reasons to encourage your reluctant sellers to list this holiday season.

Help Reluctant Sellers Understand Advantages of Selling During Holiday Season

Many of us put off what we know we ought to do today for some amorphous time in the future, right?   We use excuses such as, “I’m just too busy now,” or, “My plate’s too full now but I’ll get to it when things calm down,” or, “Now’s just not a good time for me.”

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If one of those things comes from a reluctant home seller who might be saying, “I think I’ll just wait until after the holidays to sell my house,” here are 10 strong, affirmative arguments for you as an agent to share with your prospective sellers about the advantages of listing/selling this holiday season.

  1. People looking to buy a house during the holidays are serious buyers.
    1. Holiday buyers want to buy. They are not “just looking.”
    2. Holiday buyers are jumping over hoops to buy now – winter weather, their own and their family’s holiday plans, their work gatherings and festivities, you name it…holiday buyers have buying a house at the top of their priority “to-do” lists.
  2. Agents working during the holidays are just as serious and just as committed to transacting during the holidays as are holiday buyers and sellers.
  3. Sellers and buyers both have less inventory during the holidays.
    1. For sellers, less inventory means less competition from other sellers.
    2. For buyers, less inventory means less competition from other buyers.
    3. As soon as spring rolls around, there will be more inventory and more inventory means more competition for both sellers and buyers.
    4. For both sellers and buyers, holiday home sales tend to be faster, less complicated sales.
  4. Homes show better during the holidays.
    1. Holiday showings are filled with stand-alone sensory pleasures such as a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, glowing lights, fresh baked cookies and/or pine/spruce aromas, holiday music on the stereo, etc.
    2. Holiday showings immediately put viewing guests at home in the house.
  5. Buyers are more aware of their emotional connections with homeownership during the holidays.
    1. Research indicates that “happy” hormones (endorphins, oxytocin) are stimulated by both the holiday season and holiday homes.
    2. Research also indicates that home buyers filled with “happy hormones” are more inclined to buy and spend more money when buying.
  6. Some buyers want to buy prior to the end of the year to take advantage of tax breaks.
    1. Transacting and closing before the end of the year enable buyers to write off mortgage points on their taxes, their real estate taxes (by paying 6 months in advance) and mortgage interest (some of which gets paid off in advance).
    2. Double check with your CPA for these and additional tax advantages for buying before the end of the year and share these dollar-and-common sense tax advantages with your clients.
  7. Buyers who are being transferred for work to another location usually are notified about this transfer during November and December.
    1. ALWAYS know that the top priority for relocating buyers is time, not price.
  8. Sellers can restrict showing times during the holidays.
  9. Sellers can be non-contingent buyers after the holidays when they sell their home during the holidays.
  10. Encourage “waiting” sellers to begin the prep work of selling if/when they choose to sell after the holidays.
    1. The prep work of selling – determining price, preparing the property, staging the property, verifying the home information, taking the photos/video tours, preparing the marketing and social media strategies, etc. – all take time.
    2. Help your “waiting” clients iron out all the prep work of selling.

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