The key to becoming a go-to, top-notch listings agent is making winning listing presentations.  Here are some how-to tips from “Million Dollar Listing LA” stars.

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Create a Listing Presentation that Showcases Your Expertise & Marketing Savvy

Your listing presentation is your key to becoming your market’s go-to listing agent by creating top-quality, unique and nuanced visibility for prospective for-sale properties.

Your marketing expertise is crucial to your listing presentation.  Give your potential sellers concrete examples of your past marketing efforts and how those efforts positively impacted past clients’ bottom lines.  Also give your potential seller examples of sample ideas you have about marketing their specific property.

Don’t be afraid to “give away your ideas.”  Why?  Because ideas are only ideas until they’re executed properly.  It’s up to you to communicate how you would execute your marketing strategy to bring unmatched attention to their property.

There Are No Second Chances to Make a Great Listing Presentation

Just as there are no second chances to make a great impression when you first meet a potential client, there are no second chances to make a great listing presentation.  How you present your potential seller’s property to your potential seller is everything.

The “how” of your listing presentation requires your forethought, your observations of and insights into the specific property.

The “how” also requires your creativity about consistently and seamlessly threading the needle among “traditional” and digital marketing options.  Your “how” options to market this property will make or break your goal to generate a faster, lucrative sale on behalf of the seller.

Showcase Your Expertise

Potential sellers want to know how your expertise (market knowledge, marketing strategies, digital savvy, comparative pricing, event-based open houses, etc.) will best serve their property and their bottom line.  Don’t be shy.  Include your sales records, accolades and awards, and professional specialties that complement their property, etc.

Also incorporate the expertise of your brokerage.  After all, potential sellers not only need to understand your expertise, they also need to understand the expertise, brand and reputation of your brokerage firm to have a full, well-rounded appreciation of what you can do for them regionally, nationally, and/or internationally.

Most Importantly, Be Yourself

You are your best asset to bring to any listing presentation.  Not only do potential sellers want a detailed analysis of what’s going on their specific market area, they want detailed highlights about you and what makes you uniquely qualified and positioned to give them what they want…a  trusted  expert to best represent their property and their desired results.

Thanks to David Parnes and James Harris writing on behalf of The Agency and for Inman.



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