Use what you’ve learned in 2021 (by the way, you’ve learned A LOT!) and have a GREAT 2022.

Build Upon Strategies that Worked for You in 2021 to Create Your Most Profitable Year in 2022

We’ve all learned a lot (maybe more than we ever wanted to learn) about keeping our real estate businesses afloat and prospering in this most challenging year.  Review what you’ve learned, underline the strategies/scripts/activities that have spurred your profits, and build upon what worked for your business in 2021 to cultivate an even more prosperous 2022.

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More Strategies to Consider Using in 2022

  1. IMMEDIATELY follow up on buyer leads. Not only will you generate real buyer leads, you’ll generate real seller leads.
    1. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 73% of buyers chose the first agent who met with them face-to-face; 51% of buyers owned their previous home; and 82% of sellers chose the first agent who met with them face-to-face.
    2. If those buyers/sellers are Boomers, between 65% – 86% owned their previous home.
  2. Use a script that refutes the Zestimate objection:
    1. If/when you seller objects to your home pricing advice by saying something like, “But Zillow’s Zestimate says my house is worth more,” some agents are saying…
      1. Zillow’s Zestimate didn’t work for its now defunct iBuying ZillowOffers division. If Zestimate didn’t work for Zillow, then perhaps you might question whether or not Zestimate is going to work for you.
      2. Be pleasant and smiling when using this script.
      3. Leverage your hot listings via consistent messaging
        1. When contacting prospective neighborhood sellers via social media, postcards, cold calling, door knocking, video platforms, etc. about your latest neighborhood sale, communicate that you had multiple offers that generated one new homeowner. All those rejected buyers are still wanting and able to buy in your neighborhood but only one agent knows what all these buyers are looking for and willing to pay.  That agent is me.
        2. However you choose to message/say this content, message/say it consistently across all channels.
    2. Use storytelling for email campaigns
      1. The subject line is for the facts…such as 15,000 people viewed the home at…..
      2. The story: “storytell” what happened – DOM, number of offers, contract signed for X dollars over/under the asking price
      3. If over/under the asking price, give the percentage.
    3. Buyers want to know property facts
      1. They want photos, detailed property info, virtual tours and comparable/pending sales information
      2. According to NAR, 67% of buyers want floor plans; 52% want interactive maps…offer them to your buyers.
    4. Know what buyers most search on Google in your market area. Then use these topics for your blog posts, social media posts and videos.
      1. Is it worth buying a house in (your market area)?
      2. Is your market area real estate overpriced/expensive?
      3. What’s the best neighborhood in your market area?
      4. Overviews of your market area such as FSBOs, foreclosures, homes under $100,000 (or any price point)
    5. Generate “Top 5 Lists” for your market area, such as:
      1. Top 5 things you need to know about moving to/living in your
      2. Top 5 places to eat in your market area
      3. Top 5 things to do for fun in your market area
      4. Any other Top 5 topics your clients may suggest. They’ll love that you asked them and they’ll love being able to tell you.
    6. Avoid risks of waived contingency inspections
      1. Encourage sellers to have property inspected prior to listing it
      2. Have sellers complete property disclosure documentation prior to listing the property.
      3. Share both inspection report and disclosure documentation with the buyer’s agent.
    7. Answer the commission” question/objection
      1. In your pre-listing appointments with prospective sellers, give them a list of services you provide in your marketing plan. This will differentiate you and your company from other competitors.
      2. Assuming your marketing services are “maximum” or “premium,” communicate (for example) that you only work with sellers who want and expect to achieve the maximum or premium (use the same word in both phrases to underline its importance) net price for their property. If you’d like to work with a limited-service agent, I’d be more than happy to offer you a referral.
      3. NEVER use the word “discount” and the word “commission” in the same sentence.

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