Ready to grow your business…and your team?  Here are recruiting tips to help you compete for the best agents.

A Great Team is a Team of Great Agents

The key to attracting a great team member is the same as attracting great buyers and sellers as clients…communication.

If you’ve identified a quality agent as a potential team member, know that other team leaders, indie brokers and blockbuster brokers have identified that very same agent as well.  To successfully compete for and “win” that agent, you must rely on your communication skills.

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You as the team leader must be able to clearly and engagingly communicate your own and your team’s value. That combined value consists of your data (number of closed transactions, number of listings, number of sales, net valuation of transactions, etc.), your full-service marketing and sales experts, and your database of buyers, sellers, spheres of influence, and your network of industry experts.

Here are some strategies/tips to maximize the effectiveness of your communication skills when recruiting potential team members:

  1. Timing (and luck) are everything.
    1. Be informed of the ups/downs of the agent’s current team/brokerage by researching their current performance levels.
    2. Approach your potential team member during their own and/or their team’s/brokerage’s “down” performance period and compare your own team’s performance and solutions action plans.
  2. Acknowledge your potential team member’s value from the get-go.
    1. Do your homework prior to your first meeting just as you do your homework with potential clients.
    2. Speak to the specifics of her/his value and how that value would contribute to the strength and success of your team.
    3. Emphasize the “support” services that a potential team member would have to more effectively do his/her job.
  3. Communicate the importance of niche markets and marketing.
    1. If your potential team member specializes in a unique market, communicate how her/his specialty would contribute to the mix and valuation potential of your team…and vice versa.
    2. Make sure to communicate the niche expertise and specialties of all your team members to indicate how their area expertise and specialties contribute to the valuation of the current team and its brand.
    3. Remember that a “niche” can be anything that influences a client’s choices such as a neighborhood, a demographic, a language/culture, a family, a housing type…anything.
  4. Communicate your own and your team’s unique culture and unique working relationships with each other that contribute to the overall quality of the team.
    1. Just as you communicate your own and your team’s vision/culture/goals with your clients, do the same with your potential team member.
    2. Honest, clear communication about your own and your team’s foundational principles will give your potential team member an opportunity to connect with you and your team. It will also give your potential team member a chance to evaluate how her/his own principles, values and goals align with those of your team and with you.

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