NAR’s 2021 Profiles on Home Buyers and Sellers offers agents and brokers information and suggestions about best serving their specific client types (luxury, seniors, new home, investors, etc.) based on researched and analyzed data.

(Agents/brokers includes indies and broker-owners.)

General Information to Help All Agents/Brokers Better Serve All Client Types

 All agents and brokers must understand that that all stripes of home buyers and sellers want to buy and sell because they have a personal desire (65% of first-time buyers) for homeownership and/or they (86%) perceive homeownership as a good financial investment.

Nearly 20% of buyers are looking to homeownership to provide them with a sense of stability and permanence.

Buyers using agents typically spent two-weeks searching for an agent/broker beforecontacting an agent/broker in 2021.  First-time buyers looked for a median of 10 weeks.

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After buyers and sellers “search” for their agents/brokers, 73% of buyers interviewed only one agent/broker before they signed with that agent/broker.  82% of sellers contacted only one agent/broker before signing with the “right” one.  Agents/brokers, respond immediately to your potential buyers and sellers.  If you don’t, those potential buyers and sellers will have already signed with another agent/broker as their clients, not yours.

68% of sellers found their agent/broker via referrals, more than twice as many buyers who found their agent/broker via referrals.  Agents/Brokers, always, always, always maintain your connections with your past clients.

A so-called trend towards long-distance relocation is, in fact, a myth.  The median distance between a home sold and a home purchased was just 15 miles in 2021.

74% of all buyers and sellers feel it is important that their agent/broker call and or text them personally and regularly throughout the entire transaction process.  Agents and brokers, it’s up to you to maintain your connection/relationship with your clients, not them.

Agents and brokers, make sure that your marketing and messaging are geared towards solid financial decision-making, a sense of belonging and community and a cohesive buying and selling process. 

 And obviously, agents and brokers, know that your website is one of your most important calling cards to all potential buyers and sellers regardless of their specifics.  Create and constantly update your website to ensure that it provides value-oriented information, attractive and appealing listings via photos and videos, engaging and authentic content about you/your services/your expertise and specialties/local market specifics educational and how-to information about the buying and selling process/etc.

Make sure that all aspects of the service you provide your buyers and sellers reek with trustworthiness, honesty, integrity and authenticity.

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