Here are some top picks for your home office now that returning back to the on-site office appears to be farther down the road.

 Anker Nebula Capsule

This take-anywhere projector makes magic on wall space or canvas.  The Nebula Capsule or Capsule II projector creates an image of 100 inches on any surface via Wi-Fi from your computer.  Your imagery will run for four hours on a single charge without any image distortion at the top or bottom of the image.  Image focus can be done either manually or with its automatic vertical keystone correction.

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The Nebula is as small as a soda can and weighs in at approximately one pound.

The Anker Nebula Capsule costs $297; the Nebula Capsule II is available for $460.

Amazon Echo, 4th Generation

Amazon’s AI assistant-meets-smart-home-hub, a spherical microphone/speaker, works with different smart-home brands such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Sidewalk and enables users to create routines that pair multiple devices together such as turning off lights and locking doors with a single command.  The Echo can also employ Alexa Guard, an audio-monitoring system that recognizes “out-of-place” noises such as breaking glass or smoke alarm buzzers and then alerts homeowners via audio-visual notifications.

The Amazon Echo, 4th Generation, goes for $99.

SmartDesk Core Duo 

If you share a standing desk in your home office with another person or more, you may want/need the SmartDesk Core Duo by Autonomous AI.  This product automatically adjusts its features depending on the user’s logging in to its SmartDesk Hybrid.  The app loads the user’s specific height presets so the desk automatically cycles through each user’s preferred elevations on the built-in control panel.

The SmartDesk Core Due is available for $999.

Valera Professional Green Screen Bundle

 Since a return to the office feels at least iffy or a long way into the future, any Zoomer or video caller knows that their surroundings as well as their appearance may be under scrutiny.  With the Valera Professional Green Screen Bundle, you won’t have to concern yourself with your messy desk, pile of laundry, or whatever is sitting behind you.

This ultra-portable, 75” X 58” green screen gives users background coverage whether they’re standing or sitting.  Valera’s Zoom Concierge Service provides help on sharing presentations on the green screen, adding backgrounds and an increasing stock of background images for video calls.

The Valera Professional Green Screen and Background Gallery Bundle is available for $149.99.

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