10 Biggest Real Estate Agent Regrets & How To Avoid Them (1)

10 Biggest Agent Regrets 

1 – Being BUSY versus being PRODUCTIVE.  Knowing what leads to your actual profit versus practicing ‘work theatre’.  Memorize this simple list of income producing activities and don’t waiver from it.

Lead Generation / Furiously fast lead follow up / Prequalifying / Presenting / Negotiating / Closing / lather…rinse…repeat!  If you’re doing something today which is not on this list, you’re probably busy but not productive.

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Many of your daily activities may seem like they are productive, but instead

you’re practicing ‘work theater’, doing things which are not predictable or duplicatable, and worse yet, probably are costing you both time and money.

Things like:

– Posting any social media that doesn’t have to do with promoting your listings, client testimonials, searching for off market homes for your buyers or other posts related to your pro-active list from above.

– Any activity starting with the word tweeking, trying or testing.

– Following any ‘coaching’ or advice from anyone who isn’t qualified to do so.

2 – Not showing overt gratitude to those who matter most.  Someone once wrote about a gentleman they encountered at a graveyard, who was placing flowers on his deceased wife’s grave.  He said, ‘every day since she passed away I’ve come here to bring her these flowers…I should have done that long ago…she really would’ve loved that.’  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

– Keep a gratitude journal.

– Write five thank you cards or ‘thinking of you’ cards daily.  Use social media to inform you of who is having a significant event in their lives and recognize them for it.

3 – Spending too much time ‘getting ready to get started’, and staying in unconscious incompetence perpetually.  This is a result of analysis paralysis, following the wrong ‘guru’, not being your own ‘guru’, lack of exposure to success, or possibly just laziness.  All of these things are curable but you must be proactive.

– Remember the plane taking off analogy.  Most of the fuel is spent during take-off.  If you keep taking off and re-landing the plane, you’ll never achieve cruising altitude!

– You don’t have to know all of the steps, just take the first one.  Maybe you don’t yet know how to present your pre-listing package, but you know you need one.  Get it done, listen to the coaching calls that go with it.  Take the first step!

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