Part IV of this four-part series focuses on both Training & Support and Teams & Culture.

Training and Support

New agents, have a keen eye out for brokerages that offer training and support for their agents.

Look for brokerages that offer comprehensive online onboarding solutions for new hires.  Many onboarding solutions include systems that connect bank accounts, collect personal data/bio for the brokerage’s website and a clear, well communicated outline or statement of what new hires can expect as a member of that firm/team.


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Training and Support Options

A savvy brokerage might offer new and relocating veteran agents training and support options such as:

  • Online, ongoing coaching programs
  • Tutorials on everyday agent tasks such as filing out    listing agreements, buyer offers, transaction documents, etc.
  • Mentorship programs
  • Webinars, books, YouTube channels, etc. about becoming and remaining a successful real estate agent in all markets
  • Financial services and tax planning assistance
  • Tutorials on marketing and technology
  • Tutorials on revenue generation

Also agents, pay attention to how engaged the broker and other agents are with you.  If they aren’t dialed-in to you from the get-go as the new person on the block whether you are a new or veteran agent, they never will be.

Teams & Culture

The best brokers and brokerage firms, large or small, corporate or independent, virtual or on-site, strive to create and continuously generate a culture and service to clients that taps into an agent’s skills, talents, expertise and success goals regardless of that agent’s tenure as a real estate professional.

Ask someone you already know or meet who works with that brokerage whether or not they thrive in that culture; whether or not that firm’s culture nurtures their own professional goals,; whether or not their technology systems help or hinder their efforts and/or goals; whether or not that brokerage churns out or retains agents over the long haul; whether or not that firm’s incentive payouts seem sufficient and fair.  Trust their feedback.

Trust your own intuition.  Is this brokerage culture a fit for you?  Does this firm provide the types of training and support that resonate with and make sense to you?  Do the broker, agents, staff appear to be satisfied with the status quo or are they wanting to and behaving as though they want to push forward to new, more challenging professional goals?

Inman Contributor and Compass agent Jason Cassity wrote that “…the first two years of an agent’s career are when they learn to either ‘sink or swim’ and who they choose to work for can make all the difference.”

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Lastly, for agents thinking about becoming a member of a team, reach out to the team leader.  That team leader will give you insights into the team’s goals, working styles, areas of expertise, earnings potential, training/mentorship opportunities, marketing, tech decisions, etc.  If that team leader’s comments gel with your thinking, perhaps that brokerage with that team makes sense for you.

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