New Real Estate Agent Guide (Your 15 Step Plan) 3

Today is PART 3 of New Real Estate Agent, 15 Steps how to be wildly successful. On today’s show, we challenge all of you to monitor who you regard as a ‘real estate coach’. As always thank you for keeping this podcast the number 1 daily podcast for real estate professionals. Remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ so that you receive every show the second it is released. If you are on iTunes please give us a 5 Star review and then share with us why you liked the show. Your continued support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

8 – Don’t seek or take advice from unqualified, fake coaches.  Free youtube advice, Facebook surveys, and salespeople trying to sell you stuff don’t have your best interest at heart, nor do they have the authority or experience to advise you.

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9 – Keep your online profiles professional.  Don’t be political, opinionated, or complaining.  Don’t have unfinished profiles.  Have a professional, business Facebook page.  Don’t get talked into paying for website optimization.  Your social media is there to support your business, not to create business; it’s not a spoke.

10 – Answer your phone!  Call people back as soon as possible, even if that’s to tell them you’re about to be on an appointment and you’ll call them at a certain time.  Lack of communication is the #1 complaint real estate clients and prospects have.  When they don’t hear from you, they’re not thinking good things.  

11 – Don’t negotiate over text messages.  Text is subject to misinterpretation, the other person may not get the tone you intended, other people could be reading their texts and language barriers are worse.  It’s also not a legal document.

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