In its latest quarterly report on homeowner equity, CoreLogic indicated that homeowners with mortgages saw their equity increase 29.3% y/y in Q4 2021.

National Homeowner Equity Increased +29.3% in Q4 2021

CoreLogic’s latest quarterly analysis, CoreLogic Homeowner Equity Insights Report, of homeowner equity indicated that homeowners with mortgages saw their equity increase 29.3% y/y to over $3.2T since Q4 2020.

Individual homeowners with mortgages (roughly 63% of all homeowners) experience an average equity gain of $55,300 The average home equity gained per individual homeowner with a mortgage (roughly 63%) was approximately $55,300 between Q4 2020 and Q4 2021.

According to Dr. Frank Nothaft, chief economist with CoreLogic, “Home prices rose 18% during 2021 in the CoreLogic Home Price Index, the largest annual gain recorded in its 45-year history, generating a big increase in home equity wealth. For low- and moderate-income homeowners, home equity has historically been a major source of wealth.”


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Negative Equity Falls By -24.9% Y/Y

Such unusually high home price appreciation during 2021 pushed down national negative equity to the lowest figure in over a dozen years.  Just 1.1M homeowners were underwater on their mortgages in Q4 2021, down from 1.5M homes or 2.8% of all mortgage properties in Q4 2020.

CoreLogic indicated that if home prices were to increase by 5% (as predicted by CoreLogic from December 2021 to December 2022), 141,000 homes currently underwater would regain equity.  If home prices were to fall by -5%, an additional 183,000 homes would fall underwater.

National Homeowner Equity in Q4 2021

Remember, the national average home equity gain to individual homeowners with mortgages was $55,000 in Q4 2021.

States with the largest average equity gains during Q4 2021 included:

  • Hawaii – +$128,300
  • California – +117,000
  • Washington – +$95,500
  • Arizona – +$91,000

States/districts with the lowest average equity gains during Q4 2021 included:

  • North Dakota – +$16,800
  • Washington DC – +$11,100

The 10 largest metros that were the least challenged with negative equity shares during Q4 2021 included:

  • San Francisco – 0.6%
  • Los Angeles – 0.7%
  • Las Vegas – 0.9%
  • Houston – 1.4%
  • Denver – 1.5%
  • Washington DC – 1.6%
  • Boston – 1.8%
  • Miami – 2.3%
  • New York – 2.7%
  • Chicago – 4.5%

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