Real Estate Agent Training | Step By Step Open House Plan

Fact : In a market with too few homes for so many buyers, Open Houses are an amazing source of business!  Don’t ignore this amazing opportunity, as it is one of the best things about this tight housing market.

Fact:  If you don’t have your own open house this weekend, ‘borrow’ an open from an agent or your broker.  It’s also ok to hold ANY open house from any broker in your state.  Lead with the right house, not the agent or broker.

Podcast Listeners, let’s talk. Many agents are worried about the housing market. We get it, Inflation, interest rates, and available homes for sale does require a new approach. Start here: If you want to get your head right, stop listening, reading, or associating with any negative influences.  That especially includes negative people. Next,  purge from your life anything related to the media. Set your mindset free. YES, there is a market shift happening. and YES you can thrive. You need a newly updated business and lead generation plan. We have it for you. The best part? Your coaching session is at no cost to you. Click this link to receive your complimentary coaching session NOW. <— Click that link and you choose the day and time for your FREE coaching session. 

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Rules for Monetizing your Open Houses

1 – Choose the right house!  First time ‘move-up’ homes are the best.  Popular neighborhoods, school districts, zip codes.  You know what’s hot and what’s not, so choose wisely.  Don’t hold an open that is behind gates, up a twisty road, hard to find, hard to park or other inconveniences which will wreck your attendance.

2 – Use at least 10 directional signs and ask permission to put those signs in the neighbor’s lawns.  ‘Who do you know who I should call for my open house this weekend?’

3 – Know the listing and know the neighborhood.  Keep a cheat sheet of the following:  Active listings, pending listings, recently sold listings.  Average days on the market, average list to sell price ratio.  


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4 – Know the facts about the competing neighborhoods.  Is there new construction nearby? Have you toured it and do you know the facts about it?  

5 – Realize that the seller (whether they are selling with you or another agent) is watching and listening to you!  Most homes have cameras now and other security measures.  

6 – Capture any and all potential prospects using an App or a sign in book.  Follow up the same day or evening, using our open house lead follow up scripts!  ‘Which home in the area do you plan on selling?’

7 – Doorknock / canvass the neighborhood the day before your open house.  Speak with as many homeowners as possible and ask who you should be calling so they can ‘choose their neighbors’!

8 – Have ‘rate sheets’ in your open house, showing 3 different ways to purchase the home.  Different down payments, different scenarios.  Which is best for your prospect?

9 – Be sensitive to what you’re discussing about the seller’s situation.  What are you authorized to share?  If a potential buyer (or their agent) asks you why the seller is selling, what are you allowed to disclose? Will they perceive that the seller is more or less motivated by your answer?  

10 – Systematize your open house ‘spoke’ and turn it into your lead generation machine.  Agents who are great at this consistently generate at least 1 new listing from every open house and an endless supply of buyers (some of which have homes to sell).  Never pay for buyer leads again when you can instead generate better quality leads yourself!

11 – Take the time to really know the subject property!  Know all the usual things like bedrooms, baths, square feet, but also the ages of appliances, roofing and other pertinent items. Pretend you’re the potential buyer.  What are the schools, parks, places of worship? Is there a homeowners association? What are the fees? What’s the property tax?  If you don’t know the answer, don’t wing it or guess.  

12 – Get an open house partner who is licensed to help you manage the sign in process, answer questions and provide added security.  It’s a great thing to have so many people attend your open house, but even better when you’re able to connect with 100% of them after the fact.  

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