Real Estate Coaching and Training – Does Coaching Really Work?

You are probably looking for a real estate coach for 2023 and you must have this question answered: Does real estate coaching and training really work? 

The sad truth is, not always. The fact is that for real estate agents to get the most from their real estate coaches they must be willing to change. Small changes at first lead to bigger changes thereafter. 

How long will it take for a real estate agent to experience success from their real estate coach? Depends on your willingness to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level (aka your willingness to actually DO IT) and the strengths and skills of your coach. 

This is an email from a Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching client about experiences from 2022 and expectations for 2023:

Hi Julie!

I hope Zoe’s tonsillectomy went well and she is making a speedy recovery! 

Below is the homework you asked for. It was a great assignment and it has helped me prioritize for next year. I certainly found it effective to write it all down.

3 things I did well in 2022: 

– I improved my Listing skills. I still have loads more to learn and sharpen, but I am no longer “winging it” and understand why professionals earn and retain business. Who would I want to work with? Offer that type of service. 

– I improved my physical health. A new exercise plan, paired with a new diet, resulted in a noticeably improved physique, energy, and confidence. 

– I improved my conversation skills. I now ask much better questions and listen to the answers. This allows me to gain useful knowledge and others enjoy speaking with me. I am careful not to relate things people say to my own experiences and try to leave the focus on them and their experiences. It’s not about me! I don’t have to have an opinion about everything or a relatable anecdote about myself.


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3 Things I did not do well in 2022:

– My organization was subpar. Simple systems are starting to emerge in my quest for efficiency. The lack of these systems resulted in wasted time looking for items that could be easily found if I am organized.  

– I didn’t stick to my daily schedule as tightly as I could have. This is also a time suck. Moving from “fire to fire” wasted lots of momentum when switching tasks so often. Sticking to the schedule will increase efficiency and effectiveness.

– Focus and discipline have been historically poor. Understanding that repetitious boredom and doing what I don’t want to do when I don’t want to do it at the highest level will pay off more than I could ever imagine. This has inspired me to improve on these skills. I want ever-increasing levels of success and this is how I will have it. 

3 most important goals for 2023:

– Maintaining my magic number of 3 is the most important goal of 2023. I will achieve this by increasing skills in Proactive lead generation, Follow up (furiously and fast of course!), Presenting, Negotiating, and Closing.

– Organize and systematize all other tasks and responsibilities

– Stick to my daily schedule with discipline and focus.

Goals in 5 areas of life:

– Financial Goal for 2023 is to earn at least 150K GCI 

– Physical goal is to increase the frequency of my cardio and stretching to 3 days a week 

– Mental goal is to meditate at least 15 minutes daily 

– Education goal is script mastery – Memorize, Internalize and Brad-ize scripts in Lead Gen, Follow up, Presenting, Negotiating, and Closing. 

– The family goal is to teach and delegate more responsibilities to our children. Lots of home maintenance can be shared now that they are older. They will learn to do more on their own. Things like laundry, dishes, pool, and yard care. This is in addition to the chores they already have such as cleaning their room, etc. We as parents will be more consistent in their weekly allowance for these chores.    

Ideal daily schedule:

6 am – wake up and meditate

6:30 – exercise

7 – Get ready for the day and get the kids off to school

9 – Start work – Lead Generation and Follow up

12pm – Lunch 

1 – Appointments for the afternoon. If no appointments, back to Lead Generation and Follow-Up. 

5 – Close and finalize all open tasks.

5:30 – 9 – Family 

9 – 10 – get ready for the next day and go to bed.

3 Things I am looking forward to in 2023:

– The challenge of earning and maintaining my Magic number of 3 listings at all times. 

– Using and tweaking my new systems to streamline the business and stay focused on profit 

– Improving my skills in the 5 most important areas of my business – Proactive Lead Generation, Furiously Fast Follow Up, Presenting, Negotiating and Closing!

What still needs to happen in 2022 for me to be proud?

– 1 more deal under contract for a buyer or a new listing agreement signed.  



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