Feeling OUT OF CONTROL and Burned Out? Here Is Your Solution

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Realtors, Is your business running you ragged?  Is your time management and scheduling out of control?  Are you exhausted but don’t have enough to show for it?  You may need a check-up from the neck up, a hard look at your energy management, and a reset of your mindset.  You’ve got deals yet to do this year and only so much time to get them done!  Time to get on track!

Secret: “Time Management” isn’t really Time Management. It’s ENERGY management.

1. Your energy is a resource.  Treat it as you do food and water. You’d never go without renewing your food or water, right?  Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snacks, even hormones can impact your energy levels.  How aware are you of your personal energy management? 

2. Don’t expect to be able to simply conjure up your best energy and focus just by willing it into existence.  You can’t will yourself to not need water, can you?  Have systems in place to maximize your productivity.  Working out, having a regular wake-up time, and eating nutritionally is a good starting point. For example, many studies have shown that when you think you’re tired, depressed, or getting sick, you’re probably just dehydrated. Up your water intake and experience the difference just that one little change can make!

3. Your brain takes up 5% of your body but uses 20% of your body’s resources.  Feed your brain!  60% of your brain is made of fat.  Omega 3 from supplements, and/or fish like salmon will boost your brain’s functionality.  And guess what?  Caffeine is also recommended.  It’s been proven to not just boost your mood but to block the chemicals which cause tiredness.  Concentration for longer periods of time results from feeding your brain the right things.  Dark chocolate, oranges, and eggs are also recommended by nutritionists, so when you snack, choose wisely!

4.Know what your default is when you’ve screwed up the first 3 points by ‘powering through’ or telling yourself ‘I don’t need to take a break!’  Do you tend to get snippy, distracted, etc?  That’s your early warning sign that your brain is starving.  Some of you change personality styles (refer to AgentDisc.com) when you’re hangry or stressed or tired.  That probably isn’t working for you. Take a breath before you make a mistake you’ll regret later.

5. Manage your own energy resources but also be aware of what’s happening with your clients/prospects/kids/spouse / etc.  Are they ‘HANGRY’!?  Is their BRAIN hangry?  Is yours?  Be present not just with yourself, but be ‘situationally aware’ of others too!  Did you just show 4 homes to your buyers and try to close them to write a contract when they haven’t eaten for 8 hours? Are YOU going to a listing appointment after eating nothing but junk food, no water, and just don’t feel right?  

Exaple:I had a very competent coaching client recently lose a competitive listing appointment that she should have taken. Her comment was that she KNEW why she wasn’t at her best: she was too hot, wearing the wrong outfit, and was hungry the whole time. She couldn’t concentrate, was impatient, and didn’t give the prospect the right level of attention, thus she lost the listing and along with it the $20,000 commission.  As a result, she reorganized her closet with her top 5 listing appointment outfits, and set alarms to eat regularly.

6. Know what your most naturally energetic and brain-focused times of day are and do your most important things at those times!  Most people get progressively less focused and less effective as their day gets later and later.  Do the hardest things when you’re MOST focused versus putting them off until they either don’t get done at all or get done poorly.  Lead Generation and Lead Followup are the most obvious things you should conquer when you’re at peak focus.

7. Actively practice and improve upon the skills you need the most versus staying stuck in habits that aren’t working or aren’t working fast enough for you.  For example, in a recent study of the habits of world-ranked athletes, it was proven that the best of the best practice what they are NOT good at versus the next rung down would practice over and over what they already knew how to execute.  Figure skaters who were Olympic medalists were observed to be practicing harder and harder jumps and maneuvers versus non-medalists who were good at only a few key moves.

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IMPORTANT: Join #1 Real Estate Coaches Tim and Julie Harris’s Premier Coaching now for FREE. Included is a DAILY Coaching Session with a HARRIS Certified Coach. Proven and tested lead generation, systems, and scripts designed for this market. Instant FREE Access Now: YES, Enroll Me NOW In Premier Coaching https://members.timandjulieharris.com/


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