New Real Estate Agent 15 Step 90 Day Success Plan

Congratulations!  You’ve made a wise decision.  You have your real estate license.  Whether you just got licensed, or you’ve been for a while but have lacked direction, follow this 90-day plan to achieve success faster in real estate. 

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You no longer have a boss to answer to or a schedule to follow.  That’s freeing until you realize that it’s all up to you!  This 90-day New Real Estate Agent Plan will get you up and running, help you create productive habits, and eliminate unnecessary stress.

Note: If you’re listening to this podcast and have not yet taken your real estate exam, refer to our short video about how to pass the test your first time!  Find it on YouTube and follow the steps to success.

1.     Pick your broker wisely.  Does your broker have stock awards, health insurance, daily education, and revenue share?  It’s costly to start with the wrong brokerage.  Having to switch later costs you both time and money.

2.     Commit to earning while you learn and be learning all the time.  You don’t have to be perfect to be productive.  You must take action from day one in order to build your skills quickly.  The best people to role-play with are actual prospects with actual homes to sell.  Getting ready to get started has to end today.

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3.     Create your sphere of influence and expand it daily.  These are all the people you already know.  Use your smartphone contacts to create a database.  Talk about real estate all the time with everyone.  Learn the ‘FORD’ memory jogger, internalize it and use it all the time.  (Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams are your talking points).  Refer to podcasts we’ve done on that topic!

4.     Understand what makes you money in real estate and spend 90% of your time in those activities.  Proactive lead generation, furiously fast lead follow-up, pre-qualifying using a proven script, presenting, negotiating, and closing.  The most important actions on this list are proactively generating leads, following up immediately, pre-qualifying, and presenting in such a way that you win the business.  You can hire someone to process your transactions when you’re consistently generating closings.

5.     Understand the Spokes in the Wheel model.  Choose your lead generation spokes wisely and work on them daily.  Focus mainly on people who clearly have a desire to sell their homes and supplement with regular communication to your database.  Here is our favorite list of spokes, which everyone can utilize.  Don’t choose just one and be a one-spoke wonder; instead, work multiple spokes to insure your success!

Recommended Spokes in your Lead Generation Wheel:

– Your Sphere of Influence: These are the people in your database.

– Open Houses: Absolutely hot lead generators in today’s market!

– Unrepresented Owners (For Sale By Owners): They are handing you their phone number and have a For Sale Sign already in their yard.  

– Expired, older expired, withdrawn, and temporarily off-the-market listings.

– Door Knocking, especially for your buyers with specific needs.

– New build salespeople who can refer you to prospects who have to sell their existing homes.

-Do all of the above, not some or one of the above!

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6.     Commit to profitability.  Don’t blow your money on the 3 worst B’s: Buying buyer leads, building your brand, or building a team.  You don’t need to do any of those things to be successful or profitable.  

7.     Pay yourself first.  10% to your savings, 20% to your tax account, and the rest to your operations account. Save more if possible, right from the beginning!  Do not mix these accounts.  Refer to our podcast series about wealth building.

8.     Don’t seek or take advice from unqualified, fake coaches.  Free YouTube advice, Facebook surveys, and salespeople trying to sell you stuff don’t have your best interest at heart, nor do they have the authority or experience to advise you.

9.     Keep your online profiles professional.  Don’t be political, opinionated, or complaining.  Don’t have unfinished profiles.  Have a professional, business Facebook page.  Don’t get talked into paying for website optimization.  Your social media is there to support your business, not to create business; it’s not a spoke.

10.     Answer your phone!  Call people back as soon as possible, even if that’s to tell them you’re about to be on an appointment and you’ll call them at a certain time.  Lack of communication is the #1 complaint real estate clients and prospects have.  When they don’t hear from you, they’re not thinking good things.  

11.     Don’t negotiate over text messages.  Text is subject to misinterpretation, the other person may not get the tone you intended, other people could be reading their texts, and language barriers are worse.  It’s also not a legal document.  Rookie mistake.

12.     Focus on being a listing agent.  Listings produce leads, but buyers generally don’t.  Sellers have to sell but buyers never have to buy.  Lead with listings.

13.     Always say “Yes, it would be my pleasure to help you with that.”  Then get help if you need it! You can only build your skills by earning while you learn, so don’t say no to opportunities when you can say yes.  You can always partner or refer the transaction to another agent if something is just too far out of your wheelhouse.  Our coaches are ready every single day to help you.

14.    Do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it…at the highest level!  There will be days when you simply don’t feel motivated.  There will be days when you overthink yourself into analysis paralysis.  There will be days when you feel less than competent.  Do the work anyway, so you can have days of success, gratitude, and profitability.  So much comes through you doing the work that you can’t get any other way!

15.     Get involved in Premier Coaching so we can move you forward faster, answer your questions daily and hold you accountable.  Scripts, skills, Pre-Listing Package, Listing Presentation, Buyer Presentation, and many more things will help you build confidence, earn money immediately and shorten your learning curve.




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