How To Finally End Stress And Frustration Forever!

Do you ever feel frustrated, stuck, stressed, or lacking direction in real estate? There’s a simple solution to changing your mindset immediately and getting right back on track as a result. Get out of frustration and into gratitude. Showing it, feeling it, and living it. You’ll have nearly instant results!

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Cicero called gratitude the parent of all virtues. The dictionary states that gratitude is the quality or state of being thankful. The more gratitude you show, the more you will personally feel it. This translates into a more fulfilled life, with less stress, angst, and worry. Lose those 3 a.m. real estate night sweats forever! Overtly show your thanks and you’ll find that you will achieve your own goals and feel more content along your journey.

Here are twenty different ways to express gratitude to your friends, your family, people in your center of influence, your prospects, and clients. You’ll become the person everyone wants to be around; the person that makes others feel great, and the person you’ve always wanted to be.

1.    Write five thank-you notes daily.

It’s been proven that the simple act of writing thank you cards creates happiness not just for the receiver, but for the sender. Studies have shown the long-lasting effects of this act of gratitude. By showing thanks, we become more grateful ourselves.

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2.    How to send five cards, five days a week: Start by reflecting on the experiences you’ve had over the past 48 hours. Who are you most grateful to? Did someone give you a random compliment, or do a fantastic job at the hair salon, the pharmacy, or the car dealer? Take a moment to recognize them.

Next, you can scan your social media for significant events happening to people in your sphere of influence, past clients, and other contacts. Instead of just hitting the ‘like’ online, send them an actual handwritten card. This is a great way to reinforce your relationships.

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Be specific when you write your cards. “I’m so grateful for the kindness you showed me when I was feeling distraught last week. You really helped me and I appreciate you. I’ll never forget your support!”

Invest in good quality, non-Realtor-y stationery, and use a nice pen. You can find lots of options online. My favorites are and Choose something with a front door theme or another cozy feel.

Use ‘commemorative’ stamps instead of generic stamps, which you can get at any post office or

3.    Keep a Gratitude Journal

When researchers asked people to reflect on their past week and write about things that either irritated them or about which they felt grateful, those tasked with writing down positive experiences and observations were more optimistic, felt better about their lives, and got sick less!

Choose a journal that feels good to write in and your favorite pen, so you’ll look forward to jotting down your moments of gratitude every day. Read through your journal on days when you just can’t find your motivation or feel like you’re simply stuck in a rut.

4.    Say a Kind Word

Make someone feel good about themselves unexpectedly. This is sometimes called, ‘practicing random acts of kindness’. You can change someone’s day completely with one simple compliment or tiny gift. It doesn’t take anything away from you to make them feel special.

5.    Listen More Than You Speak

Be fascinated by the person who is speaking to you, instead of looking around, checking your phone, or getting ready to make the conversation circle back to yourself. Make eye contact, and listen with the intent to remember, not just to respond.

Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

6.    Bring Cookies or Flowers to a Friend, Colleague, or Neighbor

Make dinner for someone who is recovering from an illness or just had a baby.
Pop some cookies by the new build reps at the model homes. Bring your mortgage lender a Starbucks gift card. Chat with the bank manager when you deposit your checks and give them some homemade cookies.

7.    Post a Positive Review

You use different products and services every single day. When something or someone is exceptional, recognize them online! When they thank you, you can always talk about real estate and ask whom they know who could use your help.

8.    Show Your Gratitude Overtly and Enthusiastically

Don’t be like everyone else and give the token ‘thanks’. Instead, be more expressive with phrases like, “You really saved my life on that one!”, or “That compliment you gave me really made my day!”

9.    Notice and compliment specific things about people.

We can all name people who are always smiling, tell the best jokes, have the best manners, or are always dressed to the nines. Recognize them by being specific.

10.    Volunteer your time and skills to support other people’s causes.

Pay attention to the charitable events your sphere of influence and past clients are involved in. Support them whenever you can, not just by donating money, but by showing up and contributing your time and support.

Be public about this. Post and link your social media. Promote their event and participate at a high level.

11.    Be gracious when you’re challenged by a situation or person.

Show respect and manners even if you’re in serious disagreement. Take the high road. You don’t always have to argue as if you’re in a death match. The other person may have something valuable to offer, in spite of being in contention with you. You set the tone.

The Stoic Marcus Aurelius famously stated that ‘You don’t have to have an opinion on that.’ Don’t be opinionated on every last thing. It’s exhausting to you and you can alienate others.

12.    Be Good at Accepting Compliments

You’re so kind, thank you for your lovely words!” Or “How thoughtful of you to notice that!”. Have some scripts so you improve your acceptance of compliments and aren’t weird about it. Awkwardness is often mistaken for ingratitude.




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