How To Earn FULL TIME Income Working PART TIME In Real Estate

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1. Get the Real Estate Treasure Map and follow it!  This is your personalized, fill-in-the-blank business and life plan.  Identify what the goal is for you being in real estate.   Are you working part-time until you can switch to full time or is real estate always going to be supplemental?  What’s the income required for you? How many transactions will it take to get there?  

2. Become great at proactive lead generation immediately.  A part-time agent who prospects is more efficient than a full-time agent who doesn’t.  The part-time agent will likely net a higher percentage of their income as well.  Do not buy leads.  Every time you pay for your leads, you’re adding to what you have to earn to meet or exceed your goals.

*Lead with listings. Just because you’re new, newer or part-time doesn’t mean you have to be buyer-dependent.  The more listings you have, the more freedom you have!

3. Track your numbers closely, using the White Board system we teach in Premier Coaching. It’s the only way you’ll know if you’re on track, ahead, or behind on your financial goals.  Concentrate heavily on lead generation and turning your leads into appointments.  90% of your time should be spent generating new business.  10% of your time will go to appointments. 

4. Choose your broker wisely.  Make a profit on your transactions in more than just one way.  Choose a broker already operating in the ‘Metaverse’, that has revenue share opportunities and stock awards, as well as the immediate support you need.

5. Get your Pre Listing Package, Buyers Presentation, and Listing Presentation done, learned, and polished as soon as possible.  Earn while you learn! Knowledge equals confidence while ignorance equals fear.  These presentations will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

6. Know what makes you money in real estate.  Lead Generation / Lead Follow-Up / PreQualifying / Presenting / Negotiating / Closing.  Ignore everything else.

7. Use a Transaction Coordinator when you are averaging at least 2 transactions per month for 90 days consecutively.  It’s worth it for you not to be stuck in the weeds when you could be generating new business, presenting, and closing instead.

8. Know agents to refer business to if you get over-scheduled and track those referrals.  Eliminate the feeling of ‘What if what I’m doing works really well…I’m not ready to handle it!’, through referring if you have to.  Referral agents, NOT team members.  You don’t need to build a team.  Always say, ‘Yes, it would be my pleasure to help you with that!’

9. Discuss with your spouse and family what it’s going to take and get their support.  Explain to them how your whiteboards work so they can see that your efforts are netting results.  Keep them on your team.

10. Ask for help when you need it.  Part-time agents are welcome in all of our coaching programs.  We have pilots, firefighters, teachers, and even an actual rocket scientist.

11. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it!  It’s not up to them, it’s up to YOU.  Adopt: ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!’ mentality and take massive action daily.

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