Real Estate Agents: 15 New Success Rules For THIS Market (Part 2)

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9.     Keep your online profiles professional.  Don’t be political, opinionated, or complain.  Don’t have unfinished profiles.  Have a professional business Facebook page.  Don’t get talked into paying for website optimization.  Your social media is there to support your business, not to create business; it’s not a spoke by itself.

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10.     Answer your phone!  Call people back as soon as possible, even if that’s to tell them you’re about to be on an appointment and you’ll call them at a certain time.  Lack of communication is the #1 complaint real estate clients and prospects have.  When they don’t hear from you, they’re not thinking good things.  

11.     Create and use your Proven Pre-Listing Package and learn how to present your Unique Sales Propositions (USPs). Your Pre-Listing Package is your silent salesperson. Send it prior to your listing presentation, and it will handle all of the usual objections before you even arrive!

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“Success is where opportunity meets preparation.” -Zig Ziglar

12.     Focus on being a listing agent.  Listings produce leads, but buyers generally don’t.  Sellers have to sell, but buyers never have to buy.  Working with buyers is physical labor, working with listings is mental labor- it requires SKILL.

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Most agents only list the easy, repeat, and referral business.  That’s okay as a new agent, but learn to win in a competitive listing situation so you can list homes with people who do NOT know you.  You’ll be successful at a much higher level and much more quickly when you learn to list.

13.     Always say, “Yes, it would be my pleasure to help you with that.”  Then get help if you need it! You can only build your skills by earning while you learn, so don’t say no to opportunities when you can say yes. If something is just too far out of your wheelhouse, you can always partner with or refer the transaction to another agent.  

You’ll be much more versatile (and profitable) when you say YES more than NO.  The definition of versatility is the ability to transact with different types of people in different situations.  Versatile agents are far more successful than agents who aren’t!  Ask for help when you get stuck.

14.    Do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it…at the highest level!  There will be days when you simply don’t feel motivated.  There will be days when you overthink yourself and fall into analysis paralysis.  There will be days when you feel less than competent.  

Do the work anyway so you can have days of success, gratitude, and profitability.  Be able to say, ‘Thank you, past _fill in your name__, for doing the work so I can enjoy the rewards today.’

15.     Get involved in Premier Coaching so we can move you forward faster, answer your questions daily, and hold you accountable. Scripts, skills, a Pre-Listing Package, a Listing Presentation, a Buyer Presentation, and many more will help you build confidence, earn money immediately, and shorten your learning curve.

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