How To FINALLY Find A Home For Your Buyer! (Part 2)

Where’s all the inventory?  Yes, it’s growing, but it’s also all selling nearly immediately.  There are buyers who are all cash, loan-committed, or at least pre-approved, anxiously waiting for you to get them what they want ASAP.

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You need two things: to get your buyers in contract and to find more listings for your own inventory.  

In this 2-part podcast series, we will show you how to accomplish both!


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7.     Connect with Assisted Living Care housing intake directors.  Most people pay for their assisted care living costs by selling their homes and cashing out the equity.  The housing intake coordinators are a great source of those leads.  Provide value by being a liaison between the homeowner and the director, and the director will love you!  Modify your Pre Listing Package to include contacts for estate sale specialists, pet rescue, moving and storage, etc.

8.     Find the Notice of Defaults.  Search the zip codes your buyers are looking for for  NODs and see if the homes fit your buyer’s criteria.  These are not usually listed, but they are usually motivated!

9.     Mine your own database (your past clients and people in your sphere of influence) as ‘shadow inventory’.  Who owns a home currently that may be a match for your qualified and motivated buyers?  This creates two to three transactions for you.  

10.     Call 100% of your database to see who is curious about what their home is now worth in today’s market.  If they knew their home is now worth ____, what would that do to their plans?

11.     Search your neighborhoods for ‘half-done flips’.  The cost of building materials and labor has increased dramatically.  Which flippers are feeling the pinch?  Certain buyers may be willing to purchase the home and finish it themselves or at least get into a contract pending the finishing of the project.  

12.     Condo or apartment conversions.  There are still new or newer neighborhoods or buildings that have been rentals but are now becoming resales.  

13.  Expired listings… recent expireds and older expireds. You probably CAN get them their price in today’s market. Offer to provide a new comparative market analysis and see what that does to their plans.

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14.     For Sale By Owners (unrepresented sellers), especially if they have been on the market for more than two weeks and still haven’t sold.

15.     Absentee owners. and other companies provide this information.  Get the address, make sure it’s not already listed, and connect with the owners to see their plan for the property.  Offer a free CMA to help them decide!

16.     Vacation Rentals (VRBOs). Look at the rental history and pursue property owners who own homes in the areas you or your buyers want to see if they would consider selling. Their phone numbers and email addresses are almost always listed online. Many VRBOs are experiencing new rules that limit their rental options, thus reducing their profitability.

17.     Probate.  When someone passes away and their property needs to be sold by the heirs, it passes through probate attorneys. for your discount on this service.  They provide the information as well as great training and suggested letters.

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18.     Garage and Estate Sales. Yes, that’s right. They’re back, and they’re quite effective at identifying the next listing in the neighborhood. Facebook Marketplace is a great way to connect with people cleaning their houses before they get ready to sell!

19.     Scan Zillow for listings in the areas you or your buyers are looking for, listed by brokers or agents who do NOT belong to your MLS, thus, you won’t see their listing in your MLS (and other agents won’t either!). 

20.     Door Knocking hot neighborhoods.  Don’t go empty-handed.  Bring something of value.  A one page info sheet on the stats for that area.  What’s pending, what’s the average list to sell ratio, days on the market, etc.  ‘Whom do you know who I should be helping buy or sell real estate?’

21.     Expand and upgrade your own Center of Influence and talk about real estate all the time! Don’t be a secret agent.  Join new clubs, organizations, gyms, or other groups so you get to know more people and enjoy more organic referrals.  Orange Theory, kids sports groups, your HOA, arts organizations… all of these can upgrade and expand your Center of Influence.

22.     Sponsor and participate at a high level in your community.  Parades, parties, farmer’s markets, beach clean-ups,  Use your FORD script (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) to get to know people and talk about real estate.  You want people to say, ‘We see you everywhere! You’re that real estate person, right?’ 

23.     Prospect your professional Sphere of Influence.  Your mortgage originators are approving people right now who haven’t started looking for a home and aren’t working with an agent.  Ask them weekly for these referrals.  Stagers are also a fantastic source of pre-listing leads.  Service providers often find out someone is moving before agents do.  Connect with them and ask them regularly to refer business to you.  (Make sure you’re referring business to them as well!)


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