eXp Realty CEO Leo Pareja, World’s Greatest Agent Interview

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Leo Pareja, a seasoned real estate professional, has recently been elevated to the position of CEO at eXp Realty, where he previously served as Chief Strategy Officer. Leo succeeds Glenn Sanford, who will now focus on his role as Founder, CEO, and Chairman of eXp World Holdings.

In his new role, Leo Pareja is poised to lead eXp Realty through a transformative period, bringing his strategic vision and extensive industry expertise to the forefront. Under his leadership, the company is expected to continue its innovative approach to real estate, leveraging technology and forward-thinking strategies to enhance the experience for agents and clients alike.

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Leo Pareja’s insights and leadership will be featured in an exclusive episode of “World’s Greatest Agent Interviews” with Tim and Julie Harris. This deep dive into all things real estate with eXp Realty’s CEO promises a no-holds-barred discussion covering critical topics such as commission sharing, lead generation, and the future of real estate teams and brokers. Prepare for a hard-hitting conversation that sheds light on the evolving landscape of the real estate industry.

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