Rookie To Pro: 8 Steps To Become A Real Estate Rockstar! (Part 2)

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4.  Be relentlessly proactive in generating new leads daily.  Talk with both people who already know you (your database of Past Clients and Centers of Influence), as well as people you don’t already know. (Everyone else).

-Hold yourself accountable (or have your coach do it!) to at least five contacts daily with people from your database.  Get your scripts from Premier Coaching.

Hold yourself accountable for speaking to at least two people every day from the most likely to transact categories, such as Expireds, For Sale By Owners, For Rent by Owners, and Probate.

-Ask for buyer referrals (and pay a referral fee) from busier agents who aren’t pursuing their sign calls or open house leads.

-Hold open houses yourself until you have at least 3 pre-approved buyers at all times.  Lather, rinse, repeat!

-Follow up immediately with all leads you generate or who are referred to you. 

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5.   Actively expand your personal and business centers of influence.  10% of your database will transact or refer someone to you each year, assuming you’re following the previous points and speaking with at least 5 people daily from your list.  

10% of 100 people = 10 transactions, 10% of 200 = 20 deals, and so on. Your list doesn’t need to be gigantic, but it should be curated and communicated with regularly.

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6. Educate yourself daily and polish your skills by listening to this podcast, Housing Wire Daily, New Home Insights Podcast, Sales Gravy, and other content-rich, skill-building podcasts.

This also means limiting or eliminating your exposure to negative media sources. Be media-free except for your own curated collection of newsletters, podcasts, and books. Napoleon Hill talks about having a Mastermind. He states that this can be people, alive or dead, and it can be through books, conversations, and clubs.

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7.  Schedule and stick to a productive and profit-driven daily schedule.  Peter Trucker famously said, “Tell me what you value, and I might believe you, but show me your calendar and bank statement, and I’ll show you what you really value!”

-How you allocate your time and resources reflects your true priorities and productivity.  

-You’re unlikely to do it if you haven’t scheduled proactive lead generation.  If you don’t have a reminder to follow up on all leads daily, you’ll forget to pursue them.  If you don’t have an open house scheduled, you won’t be doing one this weekend!

-Don’t hit ‘save for later’ or ‘snooze’ your notifications. Do the task, be consistent, and see the results!

8.  Practice the previous seven skills weekly and build upon your skills and habits. This is why it’s called your real estate ‘practice’. Practice isn’t a one-time dabble; it’s how you build your business through honing your skills and being proactive.

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