Tired of BUYERS? Become A Listing Agent!

Feeling tired & burned out working with buyers? That could mean its time to become a listing agent - and for a whole lot of really good reasons. Listing agents have more income stability!

Proven Prequalification Scripts & Strategies (Part 3)

With the leads you're generating, you need to ask whether you're focusing on the motivated, qualified buyers & sellers. You need to focus on the leads who are in the best position to undertake transactions

Proven Pre-Qualification Scripts & Strategies

Today we’re discussing buyer and seller prequalification, and we will be sharing scripts and strategies you can use to help identify the valuable, motivated, qualified leads worth investing time in.

What Is Your Real Estate Magic Number?

The Magic Number Formula helps you meet your monthly income goals in a stable, predictable way, so that you're not left scrambling at the end of the month.

The Only 7 Things That Make You Money in Real Estate

Fact: Every day, you’re either self employed or self un-employed. Your actions determine your outcome. Your actions must be dollar productive for you to succeed. Today, we're discussing the only 7 things that make you money in real estate .

KNOW This ONE Thing & You Will Succeed!

Today we're discussing the single most important key to success that you need to fully understand before you can achieve success in real estate. Know it, accept it, live it, and practice it to succeed!

Sherry Riano On New Mortgage Industry Regulations

Are you ready for changing mortgage regulations? This is a commission-critical issue for many agents - so don't get caught unaware, and join Sherry Riano from DNC Mortgage to discuss this topic.

Bill Byrd’s Compelling Comeback Story

We're joined today by Bill Byrd, a top-producing RE/MAX agent in the San Francisco North Bay area. Bill learned to work smarter – not harder – and he saw his income and self-esteem grow rapidly.

When The Going Gets Tough, The SMART Leave!

Yes, being persistent is a valuable asset in our trade, but don’t mistake being downright stubborn for healthy persistence. When the going gets tough, the smart leave — so know when it's come to go!

10 Strategies to Stop Toxic People from Driving You Nuts! (Part...

You can't eliminate toxic people entirely, but you can minimize your interactions with them. Today we conclude a discussion of working with toxic people - and how to stop them from driving you nuts!

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