The Big Apple’s “Billion Dollar Broker”: Louise Phillips Forbes

A four-time winner of Halstead Property’s esteemed Broker of the Year award in the Park Avenue office, Louise has also been acknowledged as the #1 listing broker companywide. She has developed a significant following among developers, homebuyers, and sellers throughout Manhattan.

Podcast: The Introvert’s Guide To Being A Real Estate Rock Star...

Introverts can be very powerful speakers, entertainers, entrepreneurs and salespeople! This long list of known introverts will probably surprise you: Gwenyth Paltrow, Harrison Ford,...

How To Go From Part-Time Agent To Full-Time Superstar (Part 3)

If you're successful enough doing real estate part-time that you're thinking about making it your career, then you should realize what a blessing this is in your life. Whether or not you decide to go full-time is completely up to you.

Podcast: How Tracey Hicks Makes “All Things” Awesome for Agents!

Say goodbye to flat, unimaginative real estate supplies!  Tracey Hicks, founder of All Things Real Estate, and her team have come to rescue you from...

10 Ways to Push Through the 4th Q Problems!

It's the final push of 2016!  There's a headwind trying you stop you, but its time to drill down.  Everything from the weather, to the...

The Real Estate Game That Makes You Money!

Simply put, the 'Daily Success Game' is an activity tracking system that real estate agents use to keep track of their activities and help to keep themselves focused on the dollar-productive activities.

J.J. Love, “The Agent With A Heart”

Nashville top-producer J.J. Love puts her heart into helping buyers find the home of their dreams, and earned the nickname "The Agent With A Heart" because of her exceptional level of care.

Chatbots: Your Partner in Putting Cash in Your Pocket!

It's a hot topic in the real estate industry, but not every agent has warmed up to the idea of Chatbots.  While veteran agents often...

Getting Serious About Your Production

When Jen and Jean got serious, their business took off — hitting 60 transactions in 2014, then exceeding 100 in 2015. Where does it go from here?

How to THINK BIG! 5 Easy To Follow Steps

Today we're discussing how to think big, and how to get back into that mindset of limitless possibilities that you had when you were a kid. Remember what it felt like when anything was possible?

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