Meet Our HARRIS Certified Coach® Affiliates

These hard working real estate experts deserve every bit of the prestige, recognition, and massive income opportunities that come with being a HARRIS Certified Coach® affiliate. They’ve mastered their craft and live a lifestyle of service helping fellow agents increase their production and demonstrate excellence to prospects & clients.

Every single HARRIS Certified Coach® affiliate has studied hard to pass a rigorous examination process that guarantees they’ll be effective in helping you build your real estate business, grow your clientele, and build a profitable real estate business – backed by the proven, trusted formula for real estate coaching pioneered by Tim & Julie Harris.

“I can honestly say that you were instrumental in what I achieved – it gets back to not re-inventing the wheel yourself. I benefited from your experience, and from your insight & accountability, and I don’t think we would have had the rapid ascension we did without your coaching. To any agents pondering this – you need to do coaching right away. I know it will pay off, it did for us!”

  • Michael Gordon, Berkshire Hathaway