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Did Getting a Mortgage Just Get Easier for Millions of Borrowers?

For agents, a pair of changes in the mortgage market just might shift the dynamics in your local market enough to have a positive...

Are Fannie and Freddie Teetering on the Edge?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were are the center of the financial crisis in 2008 and laded into conservatorship. The government-sponsored enterprises were made...

Rising Home Prices Not a Problem for 62% of Americans

Agents, if you're not busy right now, you should be! Americans are feeling pretty good these days about the housing market, according to Fannie...

How Fannie Mae is Making Home Loans More Attractive for Millennials

The havoc student debt plays on the ability to qualify for mortgage loans was eased a bit recently.  Fannie Mae announced that it would...

Could the Honeymoon Be Over? Confidence in the Economy Softens

As consumers begin to settle in with the Trump administration, confidence in the economy seems to be waning, which is having a ripple effect...

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