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What’s My Risk? Roofstock Answers Before Investors Take the Plunge!

As demand for single-family rental homes rises, more and more real estate agents today are working with clients who are looking to invest in...

Smaller Markets Becoming Investment Targets

As an agent, you’ve probably realized that investors who are putting money into rental properties often like to stick with the bigger markets, and...

Building Wealth? Markets Where Investors & Agents Can Flourish!

Real estate agents today are working in a hyper-competitive landscape with many clients interested in investing in property as a part of their financial...

Help Buyers Have Their Eyes Wide Open When Investing in Housing

With interest rates near historic lows and a limited supply of quality properties to choose from, real estate remains a great area of investment...

U.S. Housing Market: Invasion of The Landlords

Home prices are rising, new home construction is ebbing and demographic shifts are driving down homeownership rates to the lowest level in half a...
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