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Brian Pesin from Contactually

Real estate agents & brokers are adopting CRM systems at a rapid pace, and we’re joined today by Brian Pesin from Contactually to discuss the remarkable growth of this new CRM in real estate, and what makes it the platform of choice for real estate professionals.

Danny Loschiavo from BoldLeads on Seller Leads

We're joined today by Danny Loschiavo, the co-founder of BoldLeads.com - an innovative new platform that helps agents generate seller leads - and he joins us to discuss generating & converting seller leads in today's real estate marketplace.

Rick Bengson on ShowingSuite

We're joined by Rick Bengson, the CoFounder of ShowingSuite - a company founded back during the first dot-com boom that provides innovative software to...

Tony Spano from Your Home Publishing

Today we’re joined by Tony Spano – a career real estate professional with 40 years in the industry. Tony is the founder of Your...

Glenn Shimkus on Docusign for Agents & Brokers

Today we're joined by Glenn Shimkus with Docusign, to discuss how this remarkable digital-signing solution has changed the industry, and what kind of future...

Should You Get A .Realtor Domain Name?

The National Association of Realtors® is pre-registering .realtor domain names and claims that having one will give you a competitive advantage. But will it?...

Celeste Starchild on ListHub

Today we're joined by Celeste Starchild, the General Manager of ListHub, to discuss Listing Syndication in real estate today. ListHub provides the platform that...

Shaun Farr on Landvoice for Lead-Generation

Lead-generation can be time-consuming and expensive, but LandVoice hopes to change that with an innovative approach to providing leads for expireds, FSBO's, Just Listed/Just...

Scott Olsen of FlyWheel Networks on Referral Exchange

We're joined today by Scott Olsen of Flywheel Networks to discuss Referral Exchange, a lead-matching service that promises to match your outbound leads with 3...

James Rick Stinson from OutBounders.Com on Telemarketing

We're joined by James Rick Stinson, the founder of "Global Sky" (one of Southeast Asia's largest telemarketing providers) to discuss his latest project, OutBounders.Com....
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