Superstar Interview with Tyler Smith

Harris Real Estate University presents a Superstar Interview with Tyler Smith from Keller Williams as he talks about what inspired him to implement an action plan and become a super star agent. Learn the secrets that he used to take his business to a high level of success. Discover how to get more business and make more money NOW. Learn how he became one of the top 30 under 30 in REALTOR® Magazine. Listen to him talk about his best lead generators and his secrets for getting short sales, taking action and implementing great ideas. Find out what his biggest challenges have been and how he overcame them, how he keeps himself motivated, and how he learned to get started and be successful with REOs making them an important part of his business. Hear about strategies for boosting your business and how to set yourself apart and become memorable to your asset managers and clients in this free real estate coaching and training video.

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