What are your innate, built-in, probably never challenged beliefs about rich people? Yes, we all want to become rich, but on some level do you also have feelings of mistrust towards rich people, and perhaps unresolved feelings of conflict around money itself?

How do these feelings affect your mindset about money? Do you THINK like a rich person or like a poor person? It matters, because your mindset will change your behaviors and may even ultimately undermine your best efforts to become rich, unless you can sort out what you think and learn how to jettison the negativity.

In short: think rich, be rich. That’s why many wealthy people who “lost it all” during the crash have rebounded to greater wealth than they ever had before. They had the mindset of a rich person, so being poor was simply a lack of funds rather than a way of life.

From Forbes magazine:

“Relying on worldwide data from Gallup and other sources, researchers Stevenson and Wolfers determined that the wealthier people are, the more satisfied they are with their lives, at least when you look at nationwide figures. They also found, contrary to what many economists believe, that there is not a point of wealth satiation beyond which happiness levels off.

Stevenson and Wolfers started probing that idea, suspecting it was false. Using data on 155 countries from Gallup, the Pew Global Attitudes Survey, the World Bank and other sources, they found that as countries increase their GDP per capita, the more happiness levels rise. There is no point where that levels off. The richer people get, the more satisfied they are with their lives. “If there is a satiation point,” they write, “we are yet to reach it.”

For instance, only 35% of people making less than $35,000 say they are “very happy,” versus 100% of people making more than $500,000.”

Now that you know this, how do you move your mindset into the ‘rich and happy’ category? “Act as if you’ve already achieved your goal and it is yours.”
-Dr. Robert Anthony

So ACT like the rich act.

Rich people watch who they spend their time with. They spend their time with batter chargers, not battery drainers. With lilies, not with leaches! Poor people generally have poor people for friends.

  1. Rich people hang out with people who are like them or more successful, who are intellectually stimulating and have a give and take balance to the relationship.
  2. Rich people pay themselves first and lead with revenue. They do not just ‘save whatever’s left over’. They have and USE an actual business plan.
  3. Rich people control what goes into their body and their mind.
  4. Rich people are not just goal setters, they’re goal achievers. They believe that what they can conceive and believe, they WILL achieve. Failure is not an option.
  5. Rich people have and display low ego. They know that it is only through helping others at the highest level that their wealth and success grows.
  6. Rich people are optimistic most of the time. Poor people are negative most of the time.
  7. Rich people rarely complain. They avoid those who do. Poor people complain most of the time.
  8. Rich people are virtually excuse-free. Poor people always blame others, the situation, the economy or politics.
  9. Rich people respect money as a tool. Poor people don’t understand the function of money.
  10. Rich people know what ‘causes’ their income. They study their business relentlessly, polishing and modifying along the way. They are meticulous and relentless IMPLEMENTERS.

Closing Thoughts:

Don’t be jealous, mistrustful, hateful toward the rich. Be grateful and then become one of them – “The best way to help the poor is to not become one of them.”
-Lang Hancock

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