Email Received: 11/18


I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I really enjoy the shows when you are would up about teams, or buying leads, or easy buttons, or shiny objects, as they are the most genuine, heartfelt episodes. Your experience and your passion come through really clearly.
Moral of the story: You don’t need teams, you don’t need leads, you don’t need easy buttons, YOU JUST NEED TO GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO THE WORK.

Message received.

PS. The interview with Joe in Reno was really good as well. His demeanor reminds me of me, and that dude is getting paid, while I’m busy making someone else’s dreams come true with my 9-5…

Thanks a million times for the work that you and Julie put into this.


(Dennis – we love the feedback on our interview with Joe Wieczorek, and we’re incredibly appreciative of the kind words. You don’t need to be embarrassed about anything! Glad we could help. – Tim & Julie)

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