It’s a hot topic in the real estate industry, but not every agent has warmed up to the idea of Chatbots.  While veteran agents often cringe at the thought of artificial intelligence invading personalized communication, there’s an entire generation of buyers and sellers with a need for speed!

You’ll learn just how effective the newest bots are at understanding human communication and more importantly, reading intention.  This is the difference between a customer that goes cold immediately when they sense their not chatting with a real person or stays in the conversation until the agent needs to take over and close for an appointment.

Imagine a bot handling an influx of internet leads while you’re in the middle of a listing presentation or a showing?  How much more could you close with a friend like that by your side? If you’ve been wary about bots in the past, its time to make amends and start making them your friend instead!

Today we talk about how the newest advances in Chatbots are here to work for agents, not against them and how understanding the needs of todays online buyers and sellers can help make Chatbots your partner in converting those leads to cash in your pocket!

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