Hi Julie,

I wanted to tell you that YOU are the main reason I just signed up for your coaching program. Your advice is EXCELLENT. I have been following your podcasts for almost a year now and have learned so much. One thing that kind of saved me was the advice you and Tim gave about signing up for BPOs. That started to bring in enough revenue to offset my monthly real estate fees and gave me more confidence to keep going.

I was literally out of money and was about to get a job, but then I had two successful closings in a row and decided to stick with it. I was so close to throwing in the towel and I’m still fairly terrified that I could run out of money again because I do not have any other source of revenue (I know Tim recommends against going full time until you have 3 active listings and 3 transactions in contract), and no one to borrow money from or to help support me, I could run out of money again. But you know what? Truthfully, getting a job isn’t an option for me. I would be so unhappy.

I have been doing this for almost 3 years now with little success because of many of the behaviors you and Tim have called out in your podcasts.  I’m one of those sensitive types that has a real problem picking up the phone. But Jeb Blount is so right (I just bought his book yesterday after your show – thank you so much) – nothing works better than picking up the phone and having conversations. I started calling on Expireds in August and have been slowly building a future pipeline as a result. But my prospecting since that time has been very erratic. Now those behaviors are going to END (FULL STOP). Thanks to your great coaching program, I am going to CRUSH IT this year.

-Grateful Agent in Washington

(Way to go, agent from Washington! We’re so glad you jumped into the recommended reading from last week’s radio show and that you can see how valuable getting on the phone really is! Keep at it and remember, we’re always here for you! – Julie & Tim)

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