There’s no short changing, getting around or simply ignoring industry building blocks (prospecting for new clients, talking to past clients, FSBO/expired listings, and razor sharp scripts or objection handling) on your road to success as a real estate agent.  Drive that road faster by adding a SWOT analysis to your building blocks.

A SWOT analysis will help you focus on you strengths rather than, as so many of us do, on your deficits. Compulsive fault finding is not a self improvement strategy…recognizing, appreciating and improving your strengths is.

S = Strengths…list all the areas in which you excel, the areas you find most rewarding, the areas other people ask you to do.

W = Weaknesses…list the areas of work you dread, avoid or simply don’t do and the areas in which you feel you don’t have the necessary skill or training to do.

O = Opportunities …list the specific ways you can improve, the classes you can take, the training you can take, the professional help you can access to make your strengths prominent and your weaknesses less so.

T = Threats…list any insecurities, health issues, financial issues that threaten your ability to focus on what you know needs to be done.

Those SWOT lists and your analysis of them will help you both recognize and capitalize on your strengths as well as find solutions to improve your weaknesses.  They will also help you develop a growth mindset; a mindset focused on improving.

Then apply your SWOT analysis to a work smarter agenda…

  1.  Identify the things you want to achieve.  Those goals will define your working path.
  2. Figure out how your strengths will help you reach your goals.  Your strengths are essentially your road map to your future in the real estate industry.
  3. Focus on the skills you need to grow in order to make your strengths and talents shine.  Those skills can be anything from building your client base, learning how to negotiate more effectively,  finding new groups with which to network, etc.
  4. Meet your weaknesses head-on by taking classes and getting coaching that will unlock the skills you need to become successful or hire an assistant with complementary skills who is able to fill in the strength holes you have.
  5. Always, always, always focus on improving and enhancing your strengths and talents so you can make your best better.


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