After years of coaching and thousands of coaching calls, we know this: a successful business has the potential to begin each morning your feet hit the floor…so long as you have control of three very important things; your mind, body and your wallet!  Family, friends, society (and maybe even you!) have tried to convince you that you can’t control these areas, but the reality is that if you don’t control them, someone or something else will!  If you’ve been spinning your wheels, waiting for your big breakthrough, this could be the key to unlocking the momentum to your business!

In the process of going beyond mediocrity, there are four major steps.  Keep in mind, you can’t skip any of these steps if you really want to have mastery of mind, body and money.

Today we’re talking about Breakthrough, the most fun step of all!  This when you have all the scripts, skills, lead generation and systems necessary to do what we affectionately like to call “lather, rinse, repeat.”  When you’re doing those things that you don’t want to, when you don’t want to do them at a high level, you know you’re on your way to becoming a top producer!

Interestingly enough, this is where going back to what goes into your mind comes into play again.  No matter what stage you’re currently in, it doesn’t matter so long as you maintain those daily minimum standards of what goes into your mind, body and wallet.

If you’ve never actually planned that out, thought about it, or had accountability in these areas, this can be a daunting task.  That’s why we’ve developed some simple rules to follow in each of these areas that will keep you on track and that you can review each morning when its critical to get the day started off right!  Listen to todays podcast and get ready to write those rules down!

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