How To Lose PHONE FEAR (Call Reluctance) Forever! (Part 2)

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Experiencing call reluctance is a common challenge for real estate professionals, often stemming from fears of rejection, failure, or lack of confidence. That’s normal!  However, breaking free from these fears and taking proactive steps towards success is essential to your success. Here’s your comprehensive guide to overcoming call reluctance and unlocking your full potential.


Efficiency and Effectiveness

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1 Understand your conversion ratios and focus on maximizing your productivity. Aim for a ratio of one qualified appointment for every 10 contacts, and track your progress to identify areas for improvement.  If you’re struggling with this, it could be for several reasons: -you’re calling a low-conversion-ratio lead source, -your scripts aren’t very good, -you’re not closing, -you’re just not resonating with the prospects.  A great coach can listen to your calls and save you a lot of time trying to figure this out.

2 Stay attuned to market trends and opportunities, actively engaging in conversations about real estate. Use your expertise to provide value and position yourself as a trusted resource.  You should know what’s happening with inventory, interest rates, new construction, schools, and anything else that affects your local market.

3 Initiate conversations using the F-O-R-D Conversation Outline.  Become an expert at conversations using Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams to direct the discussion and keep the focus on the other person.

4 Allocate your time wisely, dedicating 90% of any day without appointments to proactive lead-generation activities. Identify the most productive times for phone calls or door-knocking and stick to a consistent schedule.  

Organization and Growth

5 Track Your Results.  Stay organized and disciplined in your lead management and follow-up efforts. Use CRM systems and tracking tools to monitor your progress and prioritize your most qualified leads.  When you’re involved in Premier or Elite Coaching, you’ll always know if you’re on track, ahead, or behind your goals for the quarter and the year.

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6 Dress professionally, always one notch nicer than whomever you will be around.  Have 3 to 5 ‘work outfits’ you feel comfortable in for presentations and showings.  Upgrade your haircut, glasses, shoes, watch, pens, and tech to ensure a great first impression and ongoing impressions!

7 Celebrate small victories and maintain momentum in your prospecting efforts. Focus on consistency and gradually increase your lead generation activities to achieve predictable and duplicatable results.

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8 Prioritize furiously fast lead follow-up to capitalize on opportunities and maximize your conversion rates. Utilize pre-qualifying scripts to identify motivated and qualified prospects and close appointments efficiently.

9 Invest in Premier Coaching to accelerate your learning and development. Coaches can provide valuable guidance, accountability, and support as you navigate the challenges of real estate prospecting.

Implementing these strategies and techniques will help you overcome call reluctance, unlock your full potential, and succeed in your real estate career.  Investing in Coaching makes all that happen faster!

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