How To Lose PHONE FEAR (Call Reluctance) Forever!

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Experiencing call reluctance is a common challenge for real estate professionals, often stemming from fears of rejection, failure, or lack of confidence. That’s normal!  However, breaking free from these fears and taking proactive steps towards success is essential to your success. Here’s your comprehensive guide to overcoming call reluctance and unlocking your full potential.

Commitment and Preparation

1 Commit today to overcoming call reluctance and take decisive action towards your goals. Proactive lead generation is the key to predictable and duplicatable success in real estate.  When you work sporadically, you’ll get inconsistent results and unpredictable income.  Proactive lead generation is your #1 job in real estate.

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2 Invest in proven scripts to eliminate the fear of not knowing what to say. Effective scripts provide a structured framework for engaging with prospects and closing appointments. Knowledge equals confidence, and ignorance equals fear, especially regarding scripts.

3 Establish a pre-prospecting routine that helps you get into the right mindset for success. Whether you listen to music, work out, or connect with a role-play partner, find what works best for you and stick to it.

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4 Set a daily contact goal that aligns with your financial objectives. Focus on quality conversations with decision-making adults about real estate, aiming for a ratio of one qualified appointment for every 10 to 15 contacts.

5 Embrace the unknown and be prepared to handle any situation confidently. Utilize scripts to navigate conversations effectively and address prospects’ questions or concerns. It’s okay to say, “That’s a great question. I’m writing it down, and you’ll have my answer by 6 pm this evening. What’s the number to call you at that time?”

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Mindset and Strategy

6 Adopt a service mindset, focusing on the needs and interests of the person you’re communicating with. Use questions to guide the conversation and create a positive, client-centric experience. When you operate this way, you remove your own ego and become a problem solver for the prospect. If they don’t have any real estate challenges to solve right now, accept that it’s not a ‘no’it’s just ‘not now’!

7 Recognize the importance of targeted and proven prospecting strategies. Circle prospecting around listings yields limited results, whereas contacting expired listings, probate attorneys, or FSBOs can lead to more productive conversations and appointments.  

8 Prospect in neighborhoods with your buyers’ specific needs in mind, actively seeking out properties that meet their criteria. This approach can generate new listing opportunities and clearly show your value.  By prospecting in person, face to face, your confidence and skills will increase faster.

9 Practice active listening during conversations, allowing prospects to share their thoughts and concerns. Avoid interrupting or rushing through the script, and prioritize building rapport and trust.

10 Reframe rejection as a temporary setback and focus on finding prospects who align with your services. Stay resilient and maintain a positive outlook, knowing that every call brings you one step closer to success.  For every few ‘no’s, you’ll be closer to hearing ‘yes’. There’s no skipping the ‘no’ part.  Think more like the 5-year-old at the grocery store in the toy aisle.  They never give up, so neither should you!

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