Not many agents go to the office everyday and say to themselves, “Gee, I can’t wait for a good dose of conflict!”  In fact, most agents run and hide at the very first sign of this villain.  Even if you’re not physically running for the door, there are specific ways to know if that rumbling in your stomach is conflict avoidance or the bad breakfast burrito you ate. The signs of conflict avoidance aren’t always obvious.  When faced with the fear of a challenging client situation, your ego will do some pretty sneaky things to protect itself!

Is your income up and down like a roller coaster?  You may be a conflict avoider!  You didn’t see that one coming, did you? The fact is, for many agents who genuinely want to solve the problems their clients face, they can’t because they lack the skill set necessary to have those conversations.

Have you ever known that your seller needs a price reduction, but avoided asking because you were protecting yourself from the backlash of the seller?  Not only are you a conflict avoider, but you’re practicing something we call ‘self-agency’ and that was definitely NOT on the real estate exam!

If you’re feeling sick, feeling like you’re going to blow a gasket or shrinking back in conversations with clients or even your lead generation and follow-up, you’re losing thousands of dollars in commissions while you’re losing your mind!  Resolve to put a stop to this life-sucking fear and get ready to face it head on.  Before you can ‘do what you don’t want to when you don’t want to do it’ you’ll need to identify the kind of conflict avoider you are.

Today we talk about the 6 ways to know if you’re a person that shy’s away from conflict and how its costing you time, money and most of all, your sanity!

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