Rule 1
Rich is where your money works for you and you no longer have to work for your money.

PASSIVE income sources: Rentals, Revenue Share, Securities etc.

Rule 2
NO ONE…not even your MOMMA wants you to be rich. Society wants you to be dependent on government, schools, social security, a government job…the system can exist if people stop believing they cant be free. True freedom only comes from being rich.
– Do your friends what you to be rich? No, why.
– Does your preacher, pastor, rabi want you to be rich? No, (unless you are giving them money.)
– Do SCHOOLS want you to be rich? No, why. Schools are filled with people who work there because they wanted a sense of security. They personally often distrust people who are not also safety and security-minded as their primary drivers.
– Does the GOVERNMENT want you to be rich? No, because if you are rich the government has less ability to control you because you aren’t dependent on them. You are INDEPENDENT which is (historically speaking) is a threat to government.

Rule 3
Everything is better when you are rich. NOTHING is worse. – When you have normal life problems does having money make those problems better or worse? Even the worst-case scenarios of life are better when you are rich. You have NO problems when your problems can go away when you write a check. The problems you have when you have money are WAY BETTER than the problems you have when you are rich.

People romanticize the idea of living simple lives, out on the prairie or out in a jungle tribe. But the historical facts are that the tribal nation of humans was actually quite horrible. The Indian tribes in the SW actually committed some of the most brutal atrocities every accounted for. Rape and murder were normal on the parries. They weren’t the spiritual meccas of well being!

Funny story is how every time a lost tribe is found…and they learn that life is better out of the jungle…they leave. That’s the first thing they do..they leave. They like having nicer stuff!

If you can write a check to make a problem go away, you don’t have a problem. All the worst problems in life: health / financial, etc, are not nearly as bad when you have money. That’s a fact.

Money improves every aspect of life. 99% of your issues go away with money.

With money, you can also make other people’s problems go away. You can solve their issues when you choose to.

Rule 4
What your heart, soul, mind body and spirit search beyond all else is FREEDOM.

You want more than anything, Libertas. To do what you want to do when you want to do it at the highest level.

Have you ever considered how much of your conscious & unconscious moments are spent worrying about lack of money? NOT being rich keeps you dependent.

If you never had to worry about money for any of your immediate needs or those of your family, those you care about…if you’d created abundance for everyone who matters most to you, you’d then have freedom to do that also for others.

The highest and truest purpose of all of us on this planet is to be of service to others. There’s no greater feeling of satisfaction than the feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone.

Most people say their happiest years where raising their family… when they were helping them grow up on an intense and daily level. This is why when they’re older, it’s not uncommon to feel depressed out of lack of being needed.

When you’re rich, you can create a circumstance for yourself where you are ALWAYS being of service to other people.

Ask yourself what you’d do with your life’s energy if you no longer had to worry about money? If you no longer had that worry, you’d make better decisions. You’ll make different and better decisions when you’re no longer living in fear of being broke. No longer living in fear of pissing someone off who might be able to fire you or cause you some sense of financial security.

Ask yourself if you were rich, truly independent and free, would you vote the same way?

People with purpose, who are financially free are focused on improving their lives as well as the people around them. It’s not more money, more problems, it’s more money = more time and you can truly make a difference.

When you are rich and free, you’re not easily manipulated. When you’re not, your decisions are largely made by someone or something creating financial security for you. Once you’re rich and free, you’ll see how you’re voluntarily choosing to be beholden to a system which was intentionally designed to oppress you and manipulate you into believing that the system has to exist.

Rule 5
Accept the fact that the more people you help accomplish their goals, the richer you will become and the more freedom you’ll experience.

You will only become rich and free when you become of service to others. Not rich and free? Develop a product or skill set that others are willing to pay for and then multiply.

When you’re rich and free and the economy tanks, you can buy assets at a discount. You can help people who might not have been able to help themselves.

Rule 6
If you’re not rich and free, it’s because you’re choosing to be poor and dependent. YOU are making that choice. Someone else has not made that choice for you. Obviously, some people were born on 3rd base and act like they hit homers. But stop thinking that the vast majority of millionaires and billionaires aren’t self-made. Stop being in conflict with why someone is rich. They’re rich because they are providing something to enough other people that those people are willing to pay for, thus producing enough profit that they are rich.

If your primary aim is your immediate safety and security and 2 weeks off for vacation, and that’s the only contribution you’re willing to make (minimum effort to maintain comfort), if your every waking moment is seeking comfort, YOU have chosen to be dependent.

You have chosen to be a slave to your own limiting beliefs. The social security administration states that 95% of people retire being dependent either on the government or on a family member.

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