How You Can Earn Your 1st (or next) Million in Real Estate (Part 2)

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Part Two.

6.  Define what makes you unique.  Can you answer the question: What makes you different?  WHY should I hire you?  What are your ‘USP’s’? (Unique Sales Propositions).

Sellers ask for a reduced commission because they don’t know how else to compensate agents, and buyers ask for agent kickbacks for the same reason.

It’s your job to show your own value.  Start with your Pre-Listing Package.

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7.  Get into momentum and stay there.  You have used the Treasure Map to understand lead generation, set specific financial goals, know your Magic Number, and create your daily schedule.  Now you have to do the work.  

DRILL DOWN and get to work.  FOCUS.

8. Track everything using your Visual Accountability White Boards through your Premier Coaching program.

Know where your business is coming from, what your personal average sale price is, and if you’re on track, ahead, or behind.  Tracking everything is key to your success.

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9.  Be relentless with :

Lead Generation, Furiously Fast Lead Follow-Up, PreQualifying, Presenting, Negotiating, and Closing.

Your #1 Job in real estate is to generate new business consistently while still providing the best experience to your existing clients.  

This is the most critical skill to perfect, or you will never earn a seven-figure income.

10.  Follow the Spokes in the Wheel Model.

There is no silver bullet or easy button to lead generation. You must have multiple spokes on your wheel.

Create your wheel, and include both pro-active and passive spokes, but lead with the pro-active since it’s much more predictable and duplicatable.

Proactive is speaking with people directly, voice-to-voice, or face-to-face, concentrating on the most likely to list categories.  Passive spokes are speculative, not face-to-face or voice-to-voice, things like drip systems, direct mail, and social media.  

11.  Be absolutely LISTING Focused.  Listings drive everything.  Buyers drive one transaction at a time, sometimes.  Know your Magic Number and relentlessly maintain or grow it.  It’s the engine that fuels your business.

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