How You Can Earn Your 1st (or next) Million in Real Estate

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Part One

$1 million Gross Commission Income = 100 transactions at $10,000 average commission, based on the national average of $400,000 sale price.

If your average sale price is $750,000, then you’ll need 55 transactions.

If your average sale price is $1m, you’ll need about 40 transactions.

Obviously, it’s a good idea to consider:

a) getting control of your average sale price (by being more proactive pursuing a higher average sale price) 


b) making sure your costs aren’t out of control (too high brokerage fees, buying leads, being over-staffed, and paying for stuff that’s speculative)

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1.  Decide and accept the fact that your success is up to you and only you.  “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

It’s not up to your broker, your market, the interest rates, or who’s president.  It’s up to you.  Be responsible for your own success.  OWN it all. 

There will be more than 4 million sales this year. That’s 8 million commission sides, not counting new construction, for sale by owners and deals done outside of the MLS.  How many will you be involved in?

This first point is all about your mindset. The rest of the points are irrelevant if your head isn’t in the game.  There’s no dabbling, trying things out, or seeing how it goes when you’re making a million a year in real estate.

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2.  Invest your TIME before you invest your MONEY.  People invest 4 years or more in a college education, only to graduate (sometimes) with student loan debt and a job they could hate for the next decade or more.

You can’t skip learning and be earning at the level you desire.  Work sporadically, and you’ll get sporadic income.  Work consistently, and you’ll achieve momentum faster.

Understand The Stages of Learning:

-Formulation. (Getting ready to get started, creating your plan)

-Concentration (Doing the actual work, learning, and using your skill)

-Momentum (Repetitious, predictable success)

-Breakthrough (High-level implementation without getting bored and falling back to the first stage)

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3.  You MUST have (and know how to use) the following immediately:  Failure to be great at these 4 things will handicap your success.

Scripts.  Proactive lead generation scripts, open house scripts, lead follow-up scripts, basic conversations with your sphere of influence, prequalifying scripts, and closing scripts.  Scripts are simply questions that lead to a close.

Pre-Listing Package.  Not your broker’s, not something you found for free online.  A proven, powerful, and personalized pre-listing package.

Listing Presentation

Buyer Presentation

You must invest your time in these items before you spend your money on anything else! Spending time isn’t just creating the presentations; it’s practicing them in real life until you realize predictable success with each presentation.

4.  You can NOT be weird about being a salesperson, about talking about real estate, about talking to PEOPLE.  Don’t be a secret agent; it’s not profitable.

This is a contact business.  

-Face to face

-Voice to voice

-Video / Zoom if necessary

Yes, digital and social communication, but only in support of ‘IRL’ communication.

5.  Have and follow a business plan.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Get your Real Estate Treasure Map today and get started immediately!

Your Treasure Map is your personalized life and business plan.  You will learn the following:

-Your goals.  Why are you in real estate? What must it accomplish for you and your family?  Goals in 5 areas of life. YOUR goals.

-Where will you get your business from?  Understand lead generation.

-What’s the Magic Number?  What is YOUR Magic Number?

-Your profit-driven, powerful Ideal Schedule.  How will you invest your TIME?

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