People at the top of their game, regardless what the “game” may be, share one key attribute…consistency.  Let’s take golf as an example.  The best golfers use the same swing with the same club; they use a different swing with a different club…over and over and over again.

It’s the same in real estate.  The most successful agents do the same thing over and over again. Take your listing presentation, the story you craft about the home you’re presenting. You determine what works within the specifics of that home’s market and you deliver it, you tell the story over and over again.  The only thing that changes is to whom you tell the story, the client. If something isn’t working in the story, tweak/refine it and you deliver it over and over again.

Let’s say you’re a runner.  Chances are that you find yourself running at about the same time every day or every other day.  On the weekends, your time may vary a bit but even that time will be about the same. This sameness, this consistency is your running insurance policy.  Over time, the more you run at 7 in the morning, the more you know you’ll run at 7AM, the more you know you won”t even have to think about when you’ll run because you’ll just be doing it.

This pattern of consistency that comes almost naturally to someone committed to running will, over time, accumulate momentum just as a snow ball accumulates momentum rolling down a hill. Running begets running, begets more training, begets more speed, begets more nuance in your stride, begets more fluidity, begets more personal bests and may even beget competitive excellence.

This pattern of consistency, discipline, this one foot in front of the other every day, every week, every month begets, according to Brian Tracy, the law of accumulation. Once begun, the small steps taken every day will accumulate into finishing the race and the next race and the one after that.

Now translate your running daily-ness into your real estate daily-ness. Start with today… wake up at the same time, make your to do list, check and respond to and generate your emails at the same time, make your calls to your lead and referral prospects at the same time…everything on your to do list at the same time every day. Consistency…every day…because consistency begets discipline begets persistence begets perseverance begets accumulation begets fluidity begets confidence begets begets personal bests begets being at the top of your game, your real estate game…every day.



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