It’s winter.  That dreaded time when most agents hibernate, waiting for the spring rush to bring them new inventory. What if you could create your own right now?  If you have buyers and nothing to show them, this show is for you!  We’ll talk about some misconceptions about the buyer search process and then we’ll outline 16 different ways that you can drum up your own inventory and look like a rock star to your clients.

And its not your imagination either.  There really are less homes for you and your buyers to choose from out there, according to CNBC’s report out today.  This resulted in the U.S. home resales falling more than expected in December.

If you are in a market where inventory in languishing, there is still hope for you in 2017. When you can’t readily see inventory on your MLS or in yard signs across your county, its time to drum up your own supply of homes.  In this next segment, we’re telling agents across the country how to create their own opportunities for buyers.

What if you don’t work with buyers?  Does the shortage of supply not hinder you? Actually, it does.  When supply is low, your would-be sellers are not able to make that move (unless they have the cash in the bank!) to the next home, putting a stop to your sale.

So, what can you do to drum up listings?  In Part 2, we’ll talk about how to create opportunities through Zillow and more.  You heard us right – Zillow.  We may not want you buying leads from them, but we’ll tell you how you can capitalize on their sites information to get access to inventory opportunities.  We’ll also talk about how to approach FSBO’s and Expired listings and share success stories from our listeners and members who are realizing success right now!


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