Tim and Julie Harris’ Real Estate Coaching Radio is top-notch and the coaching will no doubt be the same. I am glad to talk about being a Realtor while serving oversees in Kuwait as a primary directorate staff officer.  I listen to the radio show daily while I workout!

My experience getting signed up was seamless and informative, and I plan on using the program while here in Kuwait for the next 6 months, to set-up for a monster 2017/18 real estate business.

-Mike, from Kuwait

(Mike, we shared your story on the radio because its an exceptional example of taking action – even while doing the honorable work of protecting our country! The agents in your Texas marketplace better look out when you get home, because we know you’ll already be way ahead of the game!  Thank you for your service and we’re honored to serve you in this way…reach out to us anytime! – Tim & Julie)

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