It’s winter.  That dreaded time when most agents hibernate, waiting for the spring rush to bring them new inventory. What if you could create your own right now?  If you have buyers and nothing to show them, this show is for you!

In Part 3 today, we will pick up where we left off and focus on the ways that you can lead generate for inventory without being that ‘annoying salesperson’ that many people run from!  Many agents are unsure how to get their friendships, business relationships and charitable/church crowds to translate into sales without being seen as pushy or disingenuous.

This tactic is also known as professional networking and we share real-life stories and strategies for how you can strike up those conversations that could lead you to the house that your buyer needs.  We also tell you what NOT to do; the scripts, sayings and approaches that don’t work and will surely get you shown to the door.

When you polish and professionalize what you do with the people you love to see and the things that you love to do most, you’ll see opportunity grow right before your eyes!  If you’ve ever been shy about talking about real estate for fear of rejection, you’ll love these practical and tactical ideas about how to be yourself and see your business soar!

There are multiple ways to use your natural strengths,interests and personality in your real estate business.  We want to show you how easy that is and how lead generating for inventory can be an enjoyable process and one that you’ll be more than happy to do for your clients!

So if you’ve been slow to get started, its time to put the ‘no inventory’ excuse behind you and start putting those buyers in contract, before someone else does!

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