Ever hear a pet owner say something like, “It’s amazing.  My dog always ‘tells’ me when it’s dinnertime.  He may not even eat his dinner but he tells me when to put down the bowl  just in case he might want to eat.  I could set my watch by it.”

Yes…pet owners often do set their watches to their pet’s perceived perception of time and to their pet’s expectations of what’s going to happen next.  Why?  Because pets rely on routine.  They rely on knowing where their owner or family is, when to expect them home, a meal, a walk, a ride in the car, a tone of voice, everything that makes their world turn moment after moment, day after day.

When your world is turned upside down by something as traumatic as a home foreclosure, your pet’s world is turned upside down as well.  The same emotions of uncertainty, stress, fear, etc. experienced by you and/or your family are also experienced by your pet.  The difference among you is that your pet can’t speak in language you might be able to understand.


Too often pets are left behind and abandoned when owners and/or families experience foreclosure.  But wait! There are options and contingency plans that far outweighs abandonment for owners and pets.

There is the Humane Society of America with local affiliate shelters throughout the country. (I, in fact, adopted my dog from the local Humane Society.) There are specialty breed rescue organizations that facilitate pet rehoming throughout the country. There are programs and/or shelters that specialize in small pets, big pets including horses, young pets, and older pets. There are temporary foster and boarding programs for pets.

Ask your vet, your neighbors, your local shelter for their best advice. There are options.

Some programs provide short term boarding at reduced rates to help people with limited funds keep their pets.  Some shelters trade foster care and/or onsite shelter for pest in exchange for volunteer hours to that shelter/organization.  Some institutions provide grants to help owners keep their pets.  Some neighborhood/communities  crowdfund money and resources to help owners keep their pets.  Ask.  There are options.

Whatever option feels best for you and your pet, choose safety and routine for your “best friend.” Just as you will adapt to the trauma of and rehoming potentials caused by foreclosure, so will your pet.

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